Rice Chick Pea Flour Dosa




Introduction: Rice Chick Pea Flour Dosa

-This dosa does not require any fermentation and can be prepared with left over cooked rice.


-1/4 cup cooked rice

-Half cup chick pea flour

-1/4 cup yellow maize flour

-3tbsp grated carrot

-Half tbsp sesame seeds

-Half tsp cumin seeds

-red chilli powder

-salt as per taste

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Blend Cooked Rice

-Take 1/4 cup cooked rice in blender and add little water to it. Blend to paste.

Step 2: Mixing

-Take half cup chick pea flour and 1/4 cup yellow maize flour in bowl and mix both of them

Step 3: Add Blended Rice Paste

-Next add blended cooked rice paste to it and mix.

-Add water to it and make a flowy batter. Batter should not be too thick or totally liquid like. You should be able to spread with laddle in circular motion.

Step 4: Add Grated Carrot

-Next add grated carrot to prepared batter and mix

Step 5: Add Roasted Sesame and Cumin Seeds

Dry roast half tbsp sesame seeds and half tsp cumin seeds and transfer to the batter

Step 6: Add Spices

-Add red chilli powder and salt as per taste and mix.

Step 7: Prepare Dosa

- Heat the pan.Take small portion of batter and pour with laddle on pan.spread it little in circular motion with laddle.

Step 8: Flip and Cook on Other Side

-Add few drops of oil on all sides and cook on one side. when one side turns brown flip and cook on other side too.

Step 9: Serve Dosa With Curd

-serve dosa with curd or pickle.

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    5 years ago

    Delicious use of leftover rice: thanks for sharing.