Introduction: Rice Hot Pouch

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I have created a simple and fast way to make a warm rice pouch. You can use pouches like these to relieve joint pain and make your day better. This easy project only takes an hour to make an has an amazing result. It also costs less than 5 dollars.

The materials I used were:

  • 1 Bag of Rice
  • Fabric (Thin, Not Stretchy)
  • Sewing Thread

Step 1: Cut Fabric

For this step, you can use any fabric you want. I used some that was thin and not stretchy. I recommend you cut fabric with fabric scissors, but any should do. I found the approximate size I wanted and cut it double that size. I did this so it would be one fewer edge I would have to sew when I folded it over.

Step 2: Sew 2/3 Sides

Now it is time to get your sewing machine out and start sewing. You will want to fold your fabric in half, because it is double the size, and sew the long side and 1 short side. Make sure you do this when your fabric is inside-out when you do this. It's okay if your sewing isn't perfect here, it will be covered up later.

Step 3: Flip

You can now flip your fabric so the right side is facing out. This will cover your sewing and make it look nicer. Once you have done that you can grab your rice and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Fill With Rice

For this step, all you need to do is pour the rice into a bag. You may want a friend to help hold the bag open while you pour in the rice. I was able to use a stand that holds Ziploc Bags. The one I used was under $10 on Amazon.

Step 5: Hand Sew the Last Edge

Now it is time to seal the last edge of the bag. I chose to hand sew this because it would be hard to keep the rice from spilling while moving the bag through the sewing machine. I folded over the edge and used pins to hold it down while I did an overstitch on it.

Step 6: Clean Up

Now is the time to make your hot bag look better. I cut all the strings and used the sewing machine on last time to seal the last edge to the best of my abilities.

Step 7: Finish!

Done! Now you can put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and enjoy. This simple and inexpensive rice hot pouch can be made in an hour and can be very useful.

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