Introduction: Rice Krispies Treat Candles

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Get your spook on for your cakes or really any cake. I needed some large candles for my Holloween Cake scenery that could be eaten, so I decided to create these scrumptious candles. Very simple to make and the kids will love making them.

They really do add a flare of creepiness and take very little time.

I tried finding candles this size to no avail. You can create them in clusters etc., would be great for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays ( were one small candle just won't do) you name it the use for these simple and fun candles is endless.

Please post if you like this Ible and if you make them share with us.

my Halloween cake display: Witch is sculpted fondant, candles are rice treats, little apothecary bottles are isomalt, spell books are cakes, all other decorations are fondant.

Step 1: Items Needed

Rice Cereal


Microwave safe bowl ( pan for stovetop method)

Shortening or butter for your hands

Spatula or spoon


Round cookie cutter( one the size of tea light )

Calendar forms or cans etc. ( If using metal cans make sure the edges are not sharp) Be Safe.

Candy melts or chocolate

Bowl for candy melts

Isomalt (optional for creating longer candle flame) Hot glue can be used ( very hot and will burn you bad) Work Safe.

Gel food coloring ( browns and black for these)

Vodka( for painting with)

t-light battery powered (dollar store item)

carving tools, food-safe paint brushes etc. ( for your designing needs)

Step 2: Mixing Crispy Treat

Crispy treats are a cake decorators dream when it comes to constructing forms that would normally be difficult to create out of cake. The treats can not only be formed, molded, carved and decorated but still eaten.

When creating the treat mix I prefer not to use any butter. This helps the treat to bond better.

Follow the recipe on the box or just do like I do. I put some marshmallows in my large microwave bowl( less than half full) Heat up till they began to puff, stir and place back in for a couple seconds.

Immediately add Rice cereal. You want enough cereal so that there are no large bits of marshmallow.

NOTE: If you heat the marshmallow longer it becomes a much harder confection.

Take the cylinders you have chosen and coat the inside with shortening(not a lot)

Put some shorting on your hands to keep the mixture from sticking.

If you want taller candles then your metal cylinders or cans then you just put a little-melted candy melt between multiple sections, till you get your desired height.

Be sure to compress the treats very well. I used my Curtis Stone Presentation rings for forming my candles.

The treats made easy work of these candles. Moving on.

Step 3: Creating the Light Pocket

The candles that I created needed a space to set the battery powered tea light in. You can wrap the t-light in a piece of plastic wrap to keep from coming in contact with your edible material.

Find a cookie cutter that matches the diameter of the t-light. Lay it beside the cylinder of treat and with a sharp knife and being very carefully cut off just that section. ( See pictures)

Now that you have your slice, take the cookie cutter and cut out the center piece. Your t-light should fit perfectly in the space. Now do this for all your cylinders. Place a little melted candy melt on and affix the portion you just cut back on top. This is the finished candle size. make any adjustments at this time, before we coat.

You can add shapes to the sides or make clusters of candles and then coat.


Step 4: Coat and Color

On a clean dry piece of parchment or baking mat, stand all your pieces up to make sure you have room to coat and let cool. Begin melting the choc candy melts ( white was used for these) follow directions on the package.

I found that by holding one finger on the bottom and one on the top I could easily coat the sides. A dowl road stuck in the center will help on larger ones. You can add different textures as you go to create very unique looking candles.

Some time ago I created candles with layers of colors and carved them to look like real carved candles.

After the sides are done and you have them standing up brush or drizzle some on the top edges of the candle to create the melted look. you can add many layers and drizzle to create even more realism.

I have some that I added a thin piece of fondant around the top coated sides were the two pieces came together and then when the t-light was placed inside light filtered through the fondant casting a warm candle glow.

Now that the body is created let's add a little candy melt to the top of the plastic t-light, this helps it all look cohesive.

Take the gel food color and vodka put a little on a plate to create a color wash. start brushing it on. You wipe off with a clean cloth dampened with vodka. This is called antiquing and makes the candles look old.

This is where you can go wild with colors and create lots of cool looks, even add carved details etc.

Get creative.

Now the flames on my t-lights weren't dramatic enough for me. So I took isomalt and followed directions( very hot and dangerous so read directions and follow them) I took a little piece of lukewarm isomalt placed on top of the plastic flame I started pulling up the isomalt to create a flame look. Let it cool, they easily pop off so you don't break them. turn on the light and place back on, the glow travels the piece creating a gorgeous long flame.

isomalt can be colored giving you even more versatility.

Well, there you have it edible candles for any occasion. They were a hit at the event and added some creep to my Halloween cakes.

Thank you! The Juliart

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