Introduction: Rich, Easy Hot Chocolate

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Homemade hot chocolate with just a few simple ingredients and countless possibilities.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

What you will need: melting chocolates(milk chocolate and white chocolate), flavoring(this can be run of the mill extracts or you can go fancy and use fruit juices and such. When I have them I like to use real mint leaves), milk(whole, 2%,whatever you like), cheese grater, and a really big mug to enjoy as much of this tasty goodness as you can.

Step 2: Flavor That Chocolate

pick which flavors you want and separate approximately 1/4 cup white Chocolat per flavor and about 1/2 cup milk chocolate. I got the colored white chocolates to keep track of which flavor is which, but adding a little food coloring to regular chocolate works too. slowly melt the chocolates- you do not want it to separate, if you are melting in the microwave do it in increments of no greater that 20 seconds and stir a lot each time. once it's good and melted add the extract, juice, minced leaves, cinnimon powder, or whatever you want and stir it up to combine evenly. if you are using a container that is easy to get it out of, you can let the chocolate cool in the container. otherwise, scoop it out onto a cookie sheet or plate or into silicone molds if you have them. while you are at it put some milk on to simmer, about 1/2 to 1 cup per person. and keep in mind you just want it steamed, not boiled. when the chocolate is nice and cool you can grate the chocolate up. for any chocolate that you aren't adding any flavors to, you can skip the whole melting and cooling part and skip right to the grating.

Step 3: Put It Together

once you have the chocolate grated up to a powder(more or less), pour the steamed milk into your mug and add whatever flavors you like, about a total of 4 tbsp per cup of milk and stir it all up. I recommend mixing about 2 tbsp milk chocolate and 1 tbsp each of any two other flavors, but the choice is yours and the sky is the limit.

Step 4: Get Creative and Enjoy

try a bunch of combinations and find what you like. also try adding cookies, whipped cream, peanut butter, Nutella, home made marshmallows(way better than store bought), or crushed up candy canes- but maybe not all at the same time. just get creative and enjoy!

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