Introduction: Rick Roll Prank Using Tiny Speaker and ESP8266 NodeMCU

What we're doing:

Pranking people with a tiny speaker connected to a tiny server!



Why not?



1. ESP8266 NodeMCU

2. Tiny speaker

3. 2 female-female jumper cables

4. Micro usb cable

Step 1: Wire Stuff Up

1. Connect the + pin of the speaker to D7 on the NodeMCU (white wire)

2. Connect the other pin of the speaker to GND on the Node MCU (black wire)

3. Plug the board into your computer with the micro usb cable

Step 2: Setup Arduino

1. Open Arduino (or download it if you haven't already...)

2. Go to Tools -> Board: -> Board Manager

Search "esp8266" and download the package

3. Tools -> Board: -> NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)

4. Tools -> Programmer -> Arduino as ISP

5. In tools, make sure upload speed is 115200 and you select the correct port (COM_)

Step 3: Download This .ino File

1. Download & open RickRoll.ino

2. Replace "Claremont-ETC" with your own wifi and "abcdeabcde" with its password

3. Open the serial monitor (little magnifying glass in top right corner)

4. Upload the program to your board

5. Look for the IP address displayed in the serial monitor. In the picture mine is

6. Make sure your computer is connected to the same wifi and type the IP in a web browser

Step 4: Rick Roll People

Click on buttons and be amazed/annoyed