Introduction: Rickety Pull-Up Bar

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So imagine this...
You’re been at boarding school for the last half of forever and you finally come home for half-term. During this time at school you have developed a craving to get your hands dirty and make something...
That was me and the Pull-Up bar provided some entertainment. So I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

As you can probably notice already this is not at all an advanced Pull-Up bar(like they can get very advanced), so the tools needed are fairly minimal.
What you’ll need is: An Angle Grinder
A Welder
A Measuring tape
A Scribe(I used a compass as a substitute)
A Homemade Egineer’s Square(because normal Engineer’s Squares aren’t nearly as accurate as homemade ones)

Step 2: Cutting

Cutting- From: Angle Iron there was:
Round Tube there was:

Step 3: Welding

Welding- First I lined up the 4 lengths of Angle Iron that would pose as the struts and welded them as two separate sides.
Second the bar was welded in place.
Following that I welded in the 12cm Angle Iron to provide some strength, after having pulled up and one of the strut simply broke off and fell in a clatter.
Onto this I welded a piece of round bar to act as a gusset. This gusset had to be hammered down so that I could join the bar and the gusset to the bar.
Although not seen here, but we can see in the Intro pic. The two cross-members were welded in place to keep the struts a bit less rickety.

Step 4: Conclusion

So you may have noticed that I didn’t put any finishing on it. That is because I didn’t have any at the time. But hey that doesn’t matter does it?
And finally, to stay in my parents good books I swept the garage of all the flux and that grey angle grinding dust.
This is a fairly short instructable but it’s my first one and I hope you enjoyed what little there was as much as I did making it.
...keep making...
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