Rifle Scope Calibration Stand

Introduction: Rifle Scope Calibration Stand

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To calibrate a rifle scope, you need your rifle to stand steadily. Here I make one out of junk in my garage.

Step 1: Steady Piece of Wood

Find a piece of wood that is thick enough and heavy, so that it doesn't move after a shoot. We have to shoot first before we can calibrate our scope to that shot point.

Step 2: Get Something to Hold

You can find two pieces of anything to hold the rifle. Taller one to hold its forearm and lower one to hold its stock. In my case I found broken valve parts of truck.

Measure the distance where the rifle can stand steadily before we mount them on the wooden base.

Step 3: Mark and Drill

Those valve I found already have mounting holes. Put it on the wood, mark the holes, measure the distance, and drill.

You see that I put a single hole on one side and a line hole on the other side. The line hole is intended for adjustable for any other rifle in case I will purchase a new one with different size.

Now we mount both of the valves on the wooden base with bolts and nuts.

Step 4: Clamp Steadily

Each of those valves has two long bolts towering up to clamp the rifle steadily. I just need to move the base adjustable bolts to clamp the rifle tight.

Step 5: Done

It is done. Now my rifle stands beautifully in my room and also use it for scope calibration.

Step 6: Refine

Yesterday I use it to calibrate my new rifle scope. Today I think of a new feature to add. I drill a hole on the front side of the stand (where the rifle's barrel resides). Then I drill a larger hole halfway to dip the nut in. Now I can adjust the height of where my rifle aims instead of moving the target up and down to the center of my scope.

The bottom nut is intended to extend the base for sturdier stand. I know I should find a larger piece of metal, but for now, this is okay since we have two points at the back and one point in front forming a stable tripod stand ^_^

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instruct-able. Being a gun enthusiast myself I am very finicky about my weapons. I would suggest using some kind of rubber or hard foam protection on the holding vice (truck valves in your case) to avoid scratching the rifle.
    Also i would like to know your thoughts on modifying the same stand to calibrate different kinds of rifles.



    Reply 7 years ago

    Yes you are right about foam protection. I forget to mention it in my instructables because all I have is a second hand rifle with scratches here and there, broken trigger guard and the trigger itself is bitten by rats. It was my clumsy nephew who forgot to keep it safe.

    I think there is no problem with different kind of rifle, with wider or thinner stock. That's why I make two adjustment line holes for fore stock and rear stock. You see that upper long bolts on my valves, I use hex bolts so that I can adjust the straight parts on the stock so that I will know when it moves after the initial shot for calibration.