Introduction: Rig Slip Bobbers for Catfishing With Punch Baits

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Punch baits are very popular baits for catching catfish and are very effective for catching channel catfish and an occasional  blue catfish as well. Regardless of what species of catfish you plan to fish for, chances are you have heard of punch baits.

One very popular way of fishing for catfish with these types of baits is to use a slip bobber rig. There are many different catfish rigs you can use for catching channel catfish but the slip bobber rig is without a doubt one of the preferred setups among catfish anglers.

Slip bobber rigs offer a high degree of sensitivity and also allow the angler to have a visual bite indicator. Channel catfish often have a very subtle bite so the combination of these two elements makes the slip bobber rig a very effective way of setting up for catfish fishing.

In this video from Learn To Catch Catfish we walk you through the process of rigging a slip bobber for catfish fishing with punch baits and also some of the advantages of using slip corks for catfishing.