Introduction: Rigging Soft Plastics With Jigs

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It seems many people are forgetting the variety of jigs out there today and how some match very well with Soft Plastics! All our jigs we're supplied by The Mad Fisherman (you can find them on Facebook) and all our soft plastic baits were supplied by Bambaits ( )

Step 1: Rigging a Tube

The tube bait is a great Minnow imitater! Also has lots of action, meaning it can attract fish well! Now let's cover how to rig one!!! The products used were the Bamzooka tube by Bambaits and a 1/8 ounce Tube Jig by The Mad Fisherman.

Step 2: Size It

Make sure the tube before you start this section of the Instructable, you size the bait making sure the turning point of the hook starts at the end of the bait!

Step 3: Put the Jig Inside the Bait

Lift the tails/skirt of the tube to make sure when you push the jig in none of the tails fall or get stuck inside the bait!

Step 4: Push and Break

When the jig will no longer go any further push on the bulge in the tube with your figernail to expose the eye of the hook! You're now done for this bait!

Step 5: Wacky Rigging With a Laker Jig!

Wacky Rigging with weight on the belly has its uses, two advantages are better control, more precise casts and the action is better.

Step 6: Gameplan

So, here's the plan... now because there is a weight on the belly of the hook, it means you can't just slide your bait to the eye of the hook so I'll show you how to manage it .

Step 7: Cut

Cut a vertical slit at the top of the soft plastic, that way you can slip it over the eye of the hook much easier!

Step 8: Mesure

Now slip the top of the worm just beyond the eye of the jig. Then take your thumb and mesure where the bait touches the curve of the hook, and keep your thumb there!

Step 9: Done!

Now, where your thumb is put the hook through the bait in that spot, slide it down and you're done! like in picture 5 of this step you can see I slipped a bit of the bait on the shank of the jig, it helps with snags! I also suggest putting a dab of super glue inside the cut made in the top of the bait so that it holds better and doesn't fall off as easy.

Step 10: Wacky Rigging With a Laker Jig!

Using a football jig you can make a well controlled, and eratic wacky rig!

Step 11: Finding the Center

Find the middle of your bait by bending it so the middle shows easy or... just eyeball it, your decision.

Step 12: Slide

Slide it down the shank!

Step 13: Done!

You can either slide it all the way to the bait catcher, or not... I don't because I feel that way it has more action! I used a 1/4 ounce Mad Fisherman football jig and a Bambaits Boomstick Worm!

Step 14: Texas Rigging a CrawwDaddy With a Laker Jig

Using the any soft bait Crawfish has always been an effective way for catching Bass and Pike (in certain conditions) but Texas Rigging one with a jig isn't as common... but it's great because once again you will see controlled action and you will have more precise casts!

Step 15: Cut!

Like step #7 you will cut a slit vertically on the top of the bait!

Step 16: Slip and Size

Mark with your thumb or fingers!

Step 17: Slide

Slide your bait down the jig!

Step 18: Done!

Slip the shank of the hook in the bait so it's not exposed! On this Rig, compared to the Boomstick this will give the Crawfish the bottom of the water defense stance! The Mad Fisherman's Laker Jig was used, and the Bambaits CrawwDaddy.

Step 19: Simplest of Them All

This is the simplest of them all! Just a simple roundhead jig with a grub, but I felt it was necessary because I've seen some awful rigs done! So here we go!

Step 20: Slide in the Middle

Slide your grub perfectly in the middle! This is very important because you don't want your bait having more weight on one's side of having bumps because it will twirl in the water making tangles, the only thing that should twirl is the tail or in this case tails.

Step 21: Slide Until

Slide your bait until the tails of the bait is where the end of the hook is. then poke the shank out and slide it all the way! You're done!!! The Mad Fisherman's 1/4 ounce roundhead jig and the Bambaits Twin Turbo Grub was used.

Step 22: That's All Folks!

This Instructable was written by the Hook Up TV team and has been brought to you by The Mad Fisherman and Bambaits. If we forgot or messed something up in the Instructable comments are appreciated to enhance the quality of our instructions! Have a nice day! Stay Safe!!!
-Davin & the Hook Up TV team