Introduction: Rigging Vintage Sachs Hub, Using Sturmey Archer Components

One problem with vintage bikes is the lack of replacement components. The bike is a great looking 70's model I bought a while back - It has a three speed Sachs hub with a coaster brake (nice), but unfortunately was missing the linkages and cable between the hub and shifter.

The tools I used to complete the job were:

A file
A vise
And some wire cutters

I also used some light oil (3 in 1), grease and some heavy wire (1mm diameter)

Step 1: Components

I was able to track down a Sachs indicator rod but was unable to find a linkage or cable to fit.

Pictured below:

Sturmey Archer cable, indicator rod & cable linkage  

Sachs indicator rod & shifter

Step 2: Indicator Rods

The threads on both rods are different (and odd) sizes so you'll need to splice the two together to get one working rod. The weakest link, and most easy piece to replace seemed to be the rivet holding the two chain links together.  

Step 3: Breaking the Chain

Clamp the indicator rod in a vise, and using a file carefully file down the rivet of the link furthest from the end where the rod attaches to the hub.

Repeat for both rods.

(The metal on both chains is very weak so you wont break a sweat doing this)   

Step 4: The Missing Link

1. Using some heavy gauge wire (1mm dia) fix the Sachs hub side to the Sturmey shifter side.

2 & 3. The new link is held in place by a couple of wire wraps squeezed with some pliers. There's not a huge amount of force exerted on this chain - just try to minimize any play.

4. Finish the wire link with a file to remove any burrs, attach the cable tensioner.  

Step 5: The Shifter & Cable

 1. The Sturmey cable is too big to fit the Sachs shifter (3mm dia)

2. File off the lip from the end of the cable connector

3. Fits like a charm

Step 6: Grease & Oil

 Before connecting the rod to the hub, add a little grease to the thread. Also add a little light oil to the chain.

The new linkage has been used 5 days a week for the last couple of months and has worked like a charm.