Introduction: Rigs of Rods Weird Glitch

About: I quit roblox. I'm a Robloxian who loves aviation and intrested in papercraft making.


I saw a funny glitch in game called Rigs of Rods. Tell to me if this is cool and I will make more tricks in rigs of rods. Rigs of Rods is FREE.

Sorry if the graphics setting is bad cuz my computer was old.

Step 1: What You Need:

The software

A car with a glossy body(I don't know if it works at all of them)

A terrain with a water that boats can sail on(not the water like the one at Flat Map.)

Step 2: Spawn the Car at the Dealer

Get the car and drive at your way. Good luck! I chose:
Terrain: Starling Island FPS
Car: Honda Accord Hatchback

Step 3: Fall the Car to Water

Go to the water and wait until it was on ground of the water. Press I if you're done sinking it.

Step 4: Respawn

Press I then there's the cool time!! CHROME COATED!?

Step 5: Some Notes

It was just temporary.(it will go back to normal after some seconds)

This is addicting, epic and funny.

Do not do this on others' computer because it might  destroy their rigs of rods.

Noobs mustn't do this as it might make blue screens.(I am a noob but on epic computer game tricks/glitches, I was a pro on it.)

Have Fun!!