Introduction: Rim Lamp

This project started with repairing my bike, long-long time ago. I have an old second-hand Raleigh racing bike, which had a bad back wheel.
So, I had to replace that rim with a new one, but I didn't throw the original in to the bin. My first plan was to make a huge dream catcher for the wall, but that was too simple. After a while, I found an old tripod in the trash, but it was so old, it didn't matched with any of my cameras. When I accidentely put them next to each other, the inspiration came, I have to make a lamp! I really like lamps, becasue they bring light in the life, and in this actual case, into my bedroom.

Step 1: Look at Some Results First

Step 2: What Do You Need?

- Bike rim

- LED Strip

- Switch

- LED Power Supplier

- Wire

- Yarn string

- Light Socket

- Tripod

- Bolt

I used "used" objects from around the house for the construction, except the LED strip, which I ordered from ebay. I tried to find the best price quality ratio.

Step 3: The Rim Light

At first, I prepared the old bike rim. I cut out the spokes from the wheel and I washed the rim, which is made of aluminium. I was thinking about polishing it, but the surface wasn't really good, so I just used steel wool to make the surface brushed consistent.

I made 2 extra holes in the rim, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top one is for the traditional bulb cable, the bottom one is for the fastering.

To make the pattern, I weaved to string into one of the spoke hole from the outside of the rim and back out on the 7th spoke hole, so I am on the outer side again. Then, in the hole next to the one I came out of, I put the string back again, leading it inside the rim, counting 7 holes again and leading it out. I repeat this movement until the sting would fall into the starter hole, but I do not put it into that, but step one ahead and start the round again. I did this round, to make the green pattern, 7 times. When finished with the weaving and got all around, I just fix it with a knot and some glue.
In an other Rim Light I used two colors of yarn to make it more colorfull.

You decide if you like it or not, try several versions, you can also calculate the size of the central bulb and weave as close to it as you can.

Step 4: Electric

The electric circle is very basic. The 220V traditional light bulb is a separate circle with its own switch in the lamp socket. To be honest, I don't really use that light, but it looks nice, so it is your decision if you would use it and tie in the line to the socket. Maybe, if you put an old style Edison light bulb it might be a better design.
I covered the visible part of the cable using the yarn with some makrame pattern as well, so it looks better.

The LED strip is working from the power supplier and I added a switch button to the 12V power cable.

I think my next version will be made with a bluetooth connectable, colored LED strip. I found that the LED strip is great as it is the same width as the rim, and as the rim is aluminium it is a good heat sink pad as well.

Step 5: Assembling

I made big enough sized gap for the cables, and I fixed to its place the LED tape with glue gun. I fitted the rim on the top of the tripod with a bolt and that is it.
I didn't hide the LED tape with anything, as the presence of the LED diods is not so bothering me.

Please feel free to comment or private message me if you require any further detail or help.
Many thanks,

Sandor Tripsanszki

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