Introduction: Ring Binder Based Document Stand

The purpose of this duo purpose document stand/ ring binder is to create a convenient means to carry documents around with the ability to turn them into document stand for a more natural heads-up viewing angle. It would especially useful for children who work on hand-written work parallel to a desk and looking at documents without hurting their neck or having to glimpse over the worksheet (etc) in front of them. This design utilises the simple 3D printed parts, as plastic ruler of 300mm (metal alternative may be used for stronger support for the document on top of it, ring binder folder to act as the major mass of this design.

Step 1: Fitting in the BASE_90_LR.stl 3D Printed Part to Both Sides of the Folder

This 3D printed part allows the ring binder folder to stay in upright position for the lower part as well as contributing to the overall design. This file can be edited with BASE_90_LR.par using SolidEdge CAD software.

Step 2: Fitting in the UPPER_75_VAR_LR_BASE.stl 3D Printed Part to Both Sides

This 3D printed part has a gap in the middle that allows the plastic ruler to slide in and acts as the support for documents. This design is to allow documents at rest at 75 deg angle and provide comfortable viewing angle, of course this can also be edited with UPPER_75_VAR_LR_BASE.par file for any other angles or dimensions should you desire.

Step 3: Fitting in the Ruler and Ready to Be Used

This final step is to fit in the plastic ruler into the gap on the UPPER_75_VAR_LR_BASE.stl 3D printed part in order to support the documents

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