Introduction: Ring Doorbell Pro Facia Anti-theft Modification

The Ring Doorbell Pro is a wonderful little device, and Ring very generously provide 4 different coloured facias in the box, so you can pick one that best suits your front door.

When I installed mine, I did notice that the front facia only secures onto the main unit with the one screw on the bottom. There are small clips all around, but they are very small.

As luck would have it, some little scrote came along after installing but prior to setting it up and managed to yank off the front facia, presumably trying to steal the whole thing. Ring were kind enough to provide another facia of the same colour, but I decided to make this modification to make sure this doesn't happen again!

Step 1: Determine Where to Put the Top Hooks

I decided to add some hooks to the top that allow the top to hook behind the main unit prior to securing the bottom.

I have mine mounted at an angle with the aid of some shaped wood in a corner, so I decided to put the hooks either side of this wood.

Step 2: Making the Hooks

I found this little picture frame hook thing that seemed okay. It was the right width, not too thick, and somewhat malleable. The pre-drilled hole is also perfect for this as you will see.

First I straightened it out, then I cut it in half.

Step 3: Melt the Hooks Into Place

I used my butane soldering iron kit, as it has a 'hot knife' attachment that is ideal for applying heat to a small area.

I put the hooks in place, put downwards pressure on with the hot knife until the hook melted itself into place.

Unfortunately the heat did warp the front a little bit, I think I had the hot knife at a bad angle doing the first one. Oh well not to worry, I'm not too bothered.

Step 4: Fit Onto the Main Unit

With the hooks in place, I slotted them behind the main unit, and the secured in place with the bottom screw.

Now, there front facia is firmly tethered at the top and the bottom, perfect!