Introduction: Ring Flash for Mobile

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Recently on internet i come to know about Ring Flash for camera & mobile. and the look around for its sample images & i wanted to make one for my mobile.

i looked around for DIY project in Google for Ring Flash & found some project like

Handy ring light for extra hands by cold_steel =>

DIY 72 LED macro ring by recwap =>

Step 1: Materials & Tools

for making ring flash cheaper I used some old thing in my drawer

the materials are:

1) Old LAN Cable

2)ON/OFF switch

3) Old Mobile battery

4) Transparent pvc tube /hose pipe

5) Cool White 5730 Smd Led

6) multi core wires

Tool i used are:

1) soldering iron

2) soldering wire

3) wire stripper / cutter

4) tape

5) fevi-kwik

Step 2: Measuring & Soldering

start by measuring your mobile. my Lenovo K3 note is of 7.5 cm wide.

so i need to make ring flash of 7.5 cm in diameter.

I need to make two concentric ring of copper wire for LED Positive & Negative terminal.

so for Positive ,outer ring of diameter 7.2 cm gives circumference of 22.6 cm length wire,

& for Negative ,inner ring of diameter 6.7 cm gives circumference of 21 cm length wire.

take LAN cable & stripe off the copper wire from it.

make ring from given length of wire (or you need to calculate for your mobile), now you can solder LEDs to ring,

I preferred to make inner Ring first ,solder some LEDs & solder outer wire .Repeated this process until ring is completed.

Then solder RED & Green multicore wires to Positive & Negative ring.

Step 3: Encloser for LEDs

Check the LEDs with small battery before inserting it in pipe.

after checking all LEDs working Cut the copper wire at the point were multicore wire is soldered.

take the Hose pipe of 1 cm diameter (or transperent pipe whose inner diameter is bigger than width of LEDS with coppep wire)

slowly slide the ring flash into the Hose pipe from Opening of pipe. make sure that you dont break the copper wire or soldering.

after some LEDs gets inside the pipe it is difficult to slide the LEDs inside. so I made some boiling water & heated pipe by submerging pipe into hot water for 1/2 seconds.

now its easy to slide the LEDs iinside the pipe ,make sure you dont make water to go inside the pipe.

after the whole ring gets inside the pipe,cut the remaining pipe.

now joint two ends of the pipe using fevi-kwik or super-glue.

Step 4: Powering the LEDs

after whole ring is complete solder the switch to either RED(+) or GREEN(-) wire of LED.

solder one more wire to switch ,this wire goes to the battery (+) or (-) .(what you selected (+) or (-) of LED)

connect the other wire to the either terminal of battery by using tape or you can solder it .(i prefer to tape it)

complete the circuit by connecting the other wire from switch to remaining terminal of battery.

using mobile battery the LEDs are too much bright so connect a 240ohm resistor if you want.

Step 5: Finalizing

using transparent tape fix the ring with the battery along with the switch.

now you can attach flash with mobile case using double sided tape.

I hope that you liked this project & will vote for me ,

& i will look ahead to improve my authoring as its my first instructable ,comment down if i missed some thing or any query & i am waiting for suggestions.

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