Introduction: Ring of Fire (For Circus Lion)

 This Instructable shows you how to make a ring of fire magnet . I'm doing this instructable for a circus animation at school .

Step 1: List of Materials.

Things you'll need .

*Black foam paper
*Yellow sticker foam paper
*Red Sticker foam paper
*Orange foam paper
*Double Sided Tape

Step 2: Making the Circle Template .

Step 1

First find something circular to use to trace a circle using black foam paper this will be your template for your ring of fire.

Secondly cut the inner part of the circle making the black foam paper look like a ring.

Step 3: Making the Flames

First take your orange ,yellow and red foam paper,

Secondly, cut out various flame like shapes, I chose to do various sizes of flames for a better effect .

Do 6 of each colour (Red, Yellow.Orange).

Step 4: Putting the Ring OF Fire Together.

 First start of with your black ring.

First Layer of flames----Take the peels of off the sticky's from the orange flames you created and start layering them onto the upper part of the ring until the whole ring is covered in orange flames.(see picture  below.)

Second Layer of flames----Take the peels off the sticky's from the red flames and do the same as the orange flames but place them more in the center of the ring.

Last Layer of flames----Take the peels off the sticky's from the yellow flames and place them slightly lower then the red flames.

Step 5: Adding the Base and Pole.

 First take black foam paper and cut out a rectangular shape this will be the pole

Secondly take any colour you would like , I chose gold and cut a square like shape this will be you base.

Attach them to the ring of fire using double sided tape.

Step 6: Adding Magnets on the Back.

 First take double sided tape and  place it on the plastic coated side of your magnet

Secondly cut our various sizes of rectangular shapes and place the magnets on the back of your pole and flames.