Introduction: Ring Project.

Hello, my name is Tavonga musanhu and I will be showing you how I will be making my ring for my design project. The way I will be showing you how I made my ring would be in steps. The features my ring has. a dragon shaped head on the top of the ring, then the rest of it is grey. Another thing is that it is able to fit my finger but then it is quite tight.

Step 1:

I started to design my project with tinkercad. Tinkercad allows you to make many things in 3D. I chose this design because I am highly into fashion these days.

TinkerCad is an app that allows you to make many different things like, rings, dragons, necklace, bracelet. I really recommend this app because you can create anything you wish

Step 2: How to Make a Ring

1. I watched many videos on how to design rings on tinker cad. 1st video2nd video3rd video .

The reason i watched many videos is so I can learn the tricks on tinker cad and how to make things that I am very interested in, like my ring. I really advise watching these videos since they show you how to make different ring

Step 3: Chose Your Design

What I did is I typed in "Ring designs" so i could find ring designs and get an idea of what ring i wanted to do.

Step 4: Sketch It

I had decided that I want to have the dragon as a symbol of power on my ring. So I sketched a dragon that I wanted to have on my ring and tried to do it on tinkercad. I drew it like this because I just wanted the head of the dragon since it represents stuff and it would be the representation of my brand.

Step 5: Dragon on Ring

I managed to design my dragon by doing this I needed to draw my dragon on a piece of paper and also looked at other rings on the web, while I was looking most of them showed how to design the dragon so I decided to design one of my own by using someone else steps.

Step 6:

I had ti then put the ring into two polyurethane foams. One has the dragons head and the other side has the other side of the dragons head. For me to be able to I had to find the exact measurements of the foam which was 75 x 50. Then I had to group them together on tinkercad.

Step 7: Milling

After milling the design you use a dremel to make a pathway for the pewter to go through and design your product.

Step 8: Shaping

I managed to get the dragon out and it looked quite nice. Once you have managed to get the dragon out I used some tweezers to chop of the sides that made the circle not look like a circle, If you dont feel comfortable with tweezers what you can do is use sanding paper to make the circle look like a circle.

Step 9: Gluing

I managed to get it done and what I had to do is glue it with epoxy resin glue. (when you do this use something that doesn't require the glue to touch your hands.)

What I did is that I put the glue on a piece of wood then used another piece of wood so put the glue on then on the underneath of the dragon.

Step 10:

Once you have glued it, you have to let it dry for a bit and do not touch it. If you do touch it a problem could occur like its not in the position you are happy with or it could just be very close to the edge and not centralized, this problem happened with me.

Step 11: The Look

The look is what I was aiming for, now I just have to spray paint it gold and that should be finished.