Introduction: Ring Toss Arcade Game

Ring toss is an arcade game that can be made easily at home! The purpose of this game is to have fun and to enjoy playing it!

The materials needed are:

4 toilet paper rolls

1x Cardboard slab, about 30cm by 20cm

1x A4 piece of paper

1x Cardboard Slab about 15cm by 15cm

Pencils and Pens for decorating


Sticky Tape


Step 1: Draw Holes on Base

1st step is to get a rectangle-shaped cardboard piece and to trace around toilet paper rolls to create these 4 circles. If you want to make it look better you can place a white piece of paper over the cardboard and trace the holes on the paper.

Step 2: Cut a Circle Shaped Cardboard Piece for the Ring/s

The next thing to do is to draw a circle on a separate piece of cardboard so we can cut out the circle. You can create multiple rings if you wish, you will just need more cardboard.

Step 3: Draw a Circle on the Cut Out Circle

The next step is to draw a circle on the circle cardboard shape we just cut out of the square.

Step 4: Cut Out the Traced Circle Leaving Only the Border of It

The next step is to cut out the inside leaving only the border of the circle, this is your ring that you will be throwing. Make sure the toilet paper rolls can fit through the circle easily.

Step 5: Sticking the Toilet Paper Rolls to the Base of the Build

The next thing to do is to stick 2 pieces of sticky tape to the inside of the toilet roll and then fold the tape inwards and place the toilet roll onto the cardboard so it sticks to the base. Repeat this step for all of the toilet rolls.

Step 6: Make It Look Good!

The next step is to decorate the build. You can colour the toilet rolls and make them look good, and you can also decorate the ring and the base.

Step 7: Add Points/scoring System.

The number of points will change according to the distance between you and the pole/ toilet paper roll. The furthest one away should be worth more points but it is up to you. You might want to put the number of points a pole is worth by putting it below it or next to the pole.

Step 8: Rules

The objective of the game is to throw the ring onto one of the poles, the furthest pole is worth more points, however many you want. You will have to choose how many points each pole is worth before playing, it is completely up to you. The person with the highest score after 3 throws is the winner.