Introduction: Ring Toss Game (From a Box)

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Ring Toss Game is a fun game to play with family members. Well, it can be played by yourself alone, at your office when you feel really really boring on waiting time. What you need is simply a box (around 10 to 15 liters) and a cutter and/or scissors.

We commonly bring a box of mineral water (or more) on vacation with the family. Let's say some kind of picnic for a day or couple of days out town, this could be a game on garden or backyard. This is also good for the kids to do both craft and sport.

Step 1: Clear the Top

Cut off the top covers of four sides. You see a ruler there, but you don't really need it. You need one when you want a precise measurement, making a good one with fancy box to keep for long.

Step 2: The Rings

Now you have two longer rectangular pieces and two shorter rectangular pieces. Make them into more or less square shapes. I cut the shorter piece into two and the longer piece into three, now I have 10 square shape pieces. Turn these squares into rings. Cut curves at four corners. Make them as round as you can. Cut out the center with cutter and again as round as you can, about half or one inch from the side.

You can use math compass at home/office for good round rings and decorate with color pencils or wrapped with fancy papers.

Step 3: The Pegs

Now we are building the pegs. It should be around a quarter of the ring or its hole.

  • Put the center of the hole on the corner of the box.
  • Mark the folding position at about a quarter of the ring diameter or its hole diameter.
  • Mark the cutting position at around twice the folding position (or more).
  • At the cutting position, cut vertically down half of the box's height. I will call this "cutting end point" to better explain the next step.
  • Repeat for the four corners of the box.
  • Now cut from one "cutting end point" to another "cutting end point" on the same side of the box.
  • Repeat for the four sides of the box.

At this point you should get your box like the second picture above. And now you have more cardboard to turned into rings.

Step 4: The Pegs : Continue

Focus on one peg (one corner).

  • Cut horizontally from "cutting end point" to the folding position (half way to the corner) from both left and right side of the corner.
  • Fold both sides in so that we now have a triangle peg.
  • If you are at home/office, simply find adhesive tape and wrap around the triangle. Otherwise, cut one side horizontally halfway, and the other side vertically until the horizontal cutting line we made previously. Make sure both cutting end points meet together to get a tight bond [see picture #3]. Do the same for the bottom of the triangle [see picture #4].
  • Repeat for the other three pegs.

Step 5: Let's Do Some Sports

This is fun. You surely will do some sports as you go back and forth collecting the rings :D Mark at the inside of the box with different points for each peg. Place the box diagonally so we get different distances for the pegs.

The truth is : this will never be easy even if you are standing/sitting one meter from the box.

If you have some other boxes, maybe you need to cut larger rings for the kids. Enjoy the game ^^

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