Ring on a Chain Magic Trick DIY Pocket Size

Introduction: Ring on a Chain Magic Trick DIY Pocket Size

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This is one of my favorite magic tricks and I will show you how to make the simple props and how to do the trick. One of the good things about this trick is that you can keep the props in your pocket and be ready to use the trick to distract a child that is upset about an argument with a sibling or a minor boo boo.

Step 1: Supplies

You can pick up the three things you need at the local hardware or craft store.

1. A solid metal ring about two inches in diameter.

2. About two feet of ball chain.

3. A connector for the ball chain.

I was able to get all three items for less than four dollars.

Step 2: Prepare Your Props

All you have to do to prepare your props is to use the ball chain connector to connect the two ends of the ball chain together to make one continuous loop.

Step 3: How to Do the Trick.

Here comes the tricky part. As with any magic trick, you want to practice the trick so that when you perform the trick for someone, it looks easy. This is one of a few tricks that even if you explain what is happening, it is still amazing.

Start with the chain in your non dominant hand.

With the ring in your dominant hand, bring it onto the loop of the chain that is hanging down.

You are going to "drop" the ring. If you do just drop the ring, it will fall to the floor. What you have to do is flick the ring just enough that it flips 180 degrees and catches on the loop of the chain in a half hitch knot.

That last bit will be the hardest part to master, but once you do it will be worth the practice. If you watch my video, in the next step of this instructable, it will make it clearer.

Step 4: Video

As usual; I made a video. This one has some cool looking slow motion at the end.

Thanks for watching and enjoy.

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