Rings and Rings ( a Windchime Made From Used Engine Parts)




Introduction: Rings and Rings ( a Windchime Made From Used Engine Parts)

This Instructable will show you how to make a Wind Chime that is just as annoying (or beautiful) as any Wind chime you've ever heard. I found it hard to categorize this build. It could fall under workshop, Technology, Cars, recycling etc. etc. BUT I want to enter this into the "RINGS" contest. I made rings to connect the parts, all of the parts have rings, and it "Rings" in an Audible sense.... Seemed appropriate.

The first 2 pictures show the first and second completed build. It's been a while since I've upped an instructable so I hope this turns out.

Step 1: Tools

Obtaining the Valves from a Cylinder Head and a Camshaft gear as illustrated require specialized tools that I won't be covering in detail in this Instructable. It's all dependent on your mechanical skill and knowledge. ( or friends that can help :) At the very least you will need a valve spring compressor. Removing the camshaft gears from the engines required a crescent wrench to hold the camshaft while a large ratchet and socket removed the camshaft gear retaining bolt. These parts were taken from modern import engines that had failed. Once you have the Valves from any engine and something suitable to hang them from, the rest of this build is fairly easy, and be creative!!!!


Linesman pliers aka angle cutters aka cut off pliers

Needle nose pliers

I used a metric M8x1.25 bolt with washers for the Camshaft gear, which requires 2 x 14mm or 9/16 wrenches or sockets to tighten.

A Drill, Drills (drill bits) and a center punch.

A Bench grinder with a wire wheel and grinding stone OR a Dremel with lots of accessories.

Step 2: Parts


A bolt and nut with 2 washers. (to fit the center of the Cam gear)

Jewelry Chain (purchased from Waltz Mart)

Thin wire. Copper,Brass,Galvanized, Tin etc. (whatever you want it to look like.)

Step 3: Make Hangers for the Valves.

This involves using the wire of your choice and how to wrap it around the valve stem.

Picture 1- cut a section of the wire you want to wrap around the valve stem. 3-6" works well, we'll be trimming the excess off anyways so go big rather than going home.

Picture 2- Hold the wire in the groove on the stem of the valve, leave an inch or so, hold your thumb against the open end and tightly wrap the wire 2 times around the stem.

Picture 3- This is roughly what it should look like after hand winding the wire.

Picture 4- grasp the 2 intersecting ends of the wire with the needle nose pliers and twist until tight, DO NOT TWIST FURTHER!

Picture 5- Bend the long portion of wire upwards above the valve stem.

Picture 6- Using the needle nose pliers, grasp the wire and twist it down towards the stem creating a loop.

Cut off the excess wire.

Step 4: Make "Keyring" Style Loops.

Picture 1 and 2 are the first loops I made around a test tube, in my second build, I used copper wire and a smaller wooden dowel.

Wrap tightly around the Dowel/glass tube many times. Slide the Homemade "Slinky" off of the dowel and cut into equal length pieces. The first "build" was made with Galvanized wire and I would recommend cutting it at 3-4 loops rather than the 2 shown in the first pic.

Step 5: Cam Gear Treatment

Picture 1 is the cam gear after cleaning it.

Picture 2 is of the Cam gear with the bolt and washers installed

Picture 3 is of the Bolt ground flat on opposing sides, (This makes it easier to drill a hole through it.)

Picture 4 is the Bolt with the hole drilled (off center, I know, but it doesn't really matter.)

Step 6: Assembling the Wind Chime

Connect the Valves to the Chain and the Chain to the Cam gears.

The Valves will make a dull sound if they are not wrapped tightly. They will also sound Dull if they are not hit in the right spot. The best way to build this Wind Chime is to wrap the valves first. Practice hitting one valve against the next. Make sure they are suspended in different spots to see where the best sound comes from. If you are using different sized valves, try to offset the weight of them to keep the Cam gear top plate level. I built both of these in a spiral fashion. Start with one valve close to the top plate ( CAM GEAR), and gradually add differing Chain lengths as you go.

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    7 years ago

    I usually hate windchimes....but this is just plain cool for any gearhead!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hehe, did you get away with entering the Rings contest?


    Reply 7 years ago

    I was bumped to the "On A Budget" contest. Oh well, I just do this for fun anyway, nice of the Instructables Robots to move my entry rather than kick me out entirely!


    Reply 8 years ago

    I sure did! although I knew it was a stretch, I couldn't find anything in the rules that said you had to be able to wear the "rings". ?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great entry for Rings, it's unique and creative, well done!


    Reply 8 years ago

    Thanks! ?