Rings for Our Baddy Badminton Launcher

Introduction: Rings for Our Baddy Badminton Launcher

BaZo, the badminton club of Zoutleeuw (Belgium), recently bought a Baddy badminton launcher (https://www.baddy.space/). After a couple of weeks, the plexi glass feeder pipe fell on the ground, rings were broken. Here we explain how we made some spare rings from MDF wood.

Step 1: Drawing the Rings in Inkscape

First, we drew the feeder pipe rings in Inkscape, exporting the drawing in .svg format. We used the surplus space to create some 'goodies' with the logo of the club :-)

Step 2: Cutting the Parts With a Lasercutter

After we've sent the .svg file to one of the 6 laser cutters of FabLab Leuven, the machine accurately cuts the spare parts and the goodies in 1/2 hour. Done!

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    Question 6 months ago on Step 2

    Buenos días el mdf que habeis utilizado de que grosor era. Gracias.