Introduction: Rio 2016 - Vinicius & Tom

For this project I try to make Vinicius and Tom with Tinkercad.

Vinicius is the Olympic Games mascot, a mixture of all

the Brazilian animals. He was born out of the explosion

of joy that happened when they announced that Rio

would host the Olympic Games, on 2 October 2009.

Tom is the Paralympic Games mascot, a magical creature,

a fusion of all the plants in the Brazilian forests. He was born out of the explosion of happiness when

Brazilian found out that the Paralympic Games were coming

to Rio, on 2 October 2009.

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For this project you need:


3D printer

Step 1: Project Organization

This project is organized in the following sections:

1. Make Vinicius (Step 2).

2. Make Tom (Step 3).

3. See the state of the art of your project (Step 4).

Step 2: Make Vinicius

1. Draw an egg.

2. Draw a cylinder.

3. Duplicate them.

4./5. Group the images and duplicate them.

6. Place the egg on the cylinder

7. Duplicate again two cylinders.

8. Place them under the others.

9. Draw a paraboloid and cut them with a transparent square.

10. Place the object behind the cylinder and duplicate them.

11. Duplicate this object and decrease them. Use this object to make the three fingers. Duplicate the fingers and place them on the other foot. If necessary adjust the body to the foot. Draw a sphere

12. Draw a torus thin. Duplicate them twice. Duplicate them twice again. Paint each the torus with the colour of the Olympic symbol.

13. Decrease the and put them on the sphere

14. Place the symbol on the body of Vinicius.

15. Duplicate one of the cylinder’s from the leg to build the arm. Duplicate the cylinder again. Duplicate another cylinder from the leg

16. Draw a sphere, decrease and duplicate them. Place the sphere in the cylinder. Duplicate them twice and repeat the process. Place the two spheres on the cylinder. Duplicate another cylinder for the arm and place them

17. Draw a sphere. Draw four spheres to make the fingers of the hand. Draw cylinders. Adjust the cylinder and the spheres to the hand and place them in the arm.

18. Duplicate the arm and place them on Vinicius.

19. Draw a sphere for the head.

20. Draw three spheres for the hair. Duplicate twice.

21. Place the hair on sphere.

22. Paint yellow head of Vinicius. Draw a paraboloid and make this object smaller. Duplicate this object, duplicate the group of objects and make the ears.

23. Draw two spheres. Use the letter I for the eyes.

24. For the mouth draw a torus and cut them with a transparent square. Place the mouth. Place the tail with cylinders.

Step 3: Make Tom

1. Draw a square and two roof. Place the two roof on the square.

2. Draw a paraboloid and a sphere.

3. Decrease the sphere. Place the paraboloid and the sphere to make the leg.

4. Duplicate the leg and place the sphere on the legs.

5. Draw a sphere. Duplicate the sphere.

6. Place the sphere on the other sphere.

7. Decrease the sphere on the top of the head.

8./9. Draw three spheres. Decrease them. Make leafs. Make a group with the two objects.

10. Use leafs to make the hair.

11. Finish the hair.

12. Make a copy of the arm of the Vinicius. Draw two paraboloid for the arm of Tom. Join the paraboloid to the other part of the arm. Duplicate the arm and place on Tom. Paint on orange the hands.

13. Copy the Olympic symbol from Vinicius and place on Tom. It’s not the real symbol from Rio 2016 (sorry).

14. Draw to paraboloid and place them in the foot. Adjust the paraboloid.

15. Draw two spheres for the eyes and a half a sphere for the mouth

Adjust the hair if necessary. Finish the top of the head with five cylinder and five sphere.

Adjust the size of the two toys.

Step 4: Print Your Objects to Verify the "state of the Art"

Check how was the 3d printing and fix the objects if necessary.

I share my stl files it's need suport for a better printing.

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