Introduction: Ripley the Robot

In this project, we will be using the Hummingbird Bit Premium Kit. This can be a wireless robot via Bluetooth or connected by USB.


-Hummingbird Bit Premium Kit

>Hummingbird Bit Controller

>Battery Pack

>red and green LEDs

>two rotational servos with wheels

- wooden board (size: 6.5" by 4") (this will be the base)

-hot glue gun

-computer to send commands to robot

Step 1: Labeling

In the upper center of both sides of the base, label one side "B" for bottom and "T" for top. This will be helpful for knowing where to attach things.

Step 2: Attaching the Battery Pack and Servos to the Base

Attach the battery pack around the center of the board using duct tape on side B. Then hot glue the servos on either side of the battery pack. Make sure the servos are parallel to each other.

Step 3: Attaching the Hummingbird Bit Controller to the Base

Layout and mark where your Hummingbird Bit controller will be on the base on side T. Then duct tape the bottom of the controller to the side T. Afterwards, connect your servos and battery pack to the controller.

Step 4: Connecting the LEDs to the Hummingbird Bit Controller

Connect the green LED to port 1 and the red LED to port 2. Then tape down the LED wires. Make sure the LEDs are on the same side and visible.

Step 5: Coding

Now you are ready to code! Have fun with it!

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