Introduction: Ripple Speaker

This simple instructable will show you how to create this very simple speaker. Included within this document is the obj. file required to print the case and I will guide you through the process of assembling the electrical component as well as the general assembly.

Step 1:

To start simply download the obj. file included and load it onto your 3d printer software (eg. cura), you may need to scale it up to your desired size (keep in mind the opening for the speaker is exactly 1/3 of the total length so when scaling make sure your speaker will fit). Follow the softwares instructions and ensure to add supports and a raft to ensure the top doesn't cave in befor printing.

Step 2:

The next step is assembling the speaker component for this you will need a replacement speaker (mine was a 40 cm Mylar- 8 ohm- 0.25 watt- Mylar cone speaker), an amp (i used the Arduino Compatible 2 X 3W Amplifier Module), a plug and a power source (this amp required 3 volts so I used two AAA batteries). I connected the individual parts as I have tried to illustrate in the above image leaving out the speaker as I wired that up after assembly (see step 3) I first ensured that the input from the plug was connected to the RN and the ground connected to LN. I then connected the power supply to the amp by connecting the positive to the spot marked +5 and the negative to the ground connection labelled GND.

Your amp will vary slightly so just use this as a guide (data sheet included for reference)

Step 3:

The final step is putting the shell and electrical components together. For the step you need to place the power source and amp on the inside with the two loose wires coming out the top, from here you need to solder the wire coming from R+ on the amp to the positive and the wire coming from R- to the negative (this should be indicated on your speaker by + and -). Once everything has been attached simple secure your power source and amp to the inside of your speaker shell and plug in your device to begin playing!