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Ripstik Mini Lacrosse Ball is a fun game that my brother and I made up. Don't let the complicated name scare you off! It's really a simple game and the equipment actually doesn't cost too much (read on to find out what I mean).

I think this game is really a good representative of all made of sports. We made it up by going into our garage and pulling out the most random stuff we could find, then making a game around it.

We hope you like it!

*Note* Sorry about the bad quality on the video! My regular video camera doesn't work and the one I'm borrowing is really bad. Also, the people in the video are my little brother and his friend.

Step 1: The Materials

In this step I'm going to give a list of materials that you need for the game. Keep in mind that if you don't have any of these objects you can substitute a similar one. The game could be Skateboard Mini Lacrosse Ball, or Scooter Mini Hockey Ball. Also, if you think Ripstiks are too expensive ($60-90 is a lot!) then you can do what my brother and I did... buy from a garage sale. A lot of people give up on Ripstiks after they buy them. This makes garage sales a great place to get one for cheap ($10 each is what we payed). All of that said, here are the materials we had.

2-20 People to Play

(I'm going to give the rest of the materials assuming that you have 2 people)

2 Ripstiks

2 Mini Lacrosse Sticks

4 Cones (For 2 Goals)

1 Big Ball

Pads and Helmets (Don't want to end up stuck in a wheel chair!)

Chalk (To draw the lines of the court)

A Place To Play (A Driveway or a Street)

Step 2: The Object of the Game

The object of RMLB (That's what I'll be calling it from here on out) is similar to a lot of other games. You need to score more goals (by hitting the ball into the goal) than your opponent during the time allowed. Or, more simply... Get the ball into the goal. It's easy.

You ride on the Ripstiks and use the mini Lacrosse sticks to move the giant tennis ball into your opponent's goal.

Step 3: Setting Up the Court

The first step to setting up the court is putting in the goals. The rest of the stuff isn't as important. To put in the goals, just take two cones to both ends of the court and set them down about ten feet apart.

Now, the rest of these steps don't have to be followed exactly. You can adapt them to fit your area, or not follow them at all.

1. Using the chalk, draw a circle in the middle of the court. This will be the area that the ball is placed for faceoffs.

2. Draw lines 10 feet away from the center of the circle on both sides. These will be the lines that you need to start behind for the faceoff.

3. Draw a box around the goals that you have to be outside of to score a goal. Make them as big or small as you like.

Now your court is ready. Wasn't that easy.

Step 4: Gameplay

Each game of RMLB goes pretty much the same way.

1. Game starts with face off.

2. Players fight over the ball and try to move it towards the goals.

3. Someone scores a goal.

4. Once a goal is scored, the ball is placed back in the middle and there is another face off.

5. At the end of the time limit, whoever has the most goals wins.

6. If the game is tied there is a sudden death overtime. First to score after a faceoff wins.

Step 5: Rules and Penalties

Like any game, RMLB has specific rules and penalties. I'll list some of them but they're basically common sense. No hurting other people, be safe, etc.

1. If the ball goes out of bounds the opposing team is given the ball.

2. If you hit someone...

a. They must be in possession of the ball.
b. You have to hit them with your stick, not your hands.
c. You can only hit them on the Ripstik and on their lacrosse stick.

3. The ball can only be advanced with the lacrosse stick. If you move it with your hands you lose possession.

4. If you fall off of your Ripstik...

a. You have to try to get back on right away.
b. You can't advance the ball or try to hit any opposing players.
c. If you have the ball you lose possession of it.

I think you get the idea. Like always, change rules and modify them to make the game more enjoyable for you.

Step 6: Now You're Ready!

Now you're ready to play RMLB! It's a great sport (at least we think so) that follows George Carlin's definition of a sport.

1. It's played with a ball.

2. Not everybody can do it (Running... not a sport)

3. You can use your arms.

4. You don't have to rent shoes.

5. There's a chance for "serious debilitating injury".

Now go out and have fun playing.

Oh, and if you want George Carlin's entire piece... here.

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