Introduction: Roast Beef Sandwich

First start off by getting a plate or a nice clean surface to craft your sandwich on.


First you will need to gather supplies. You will need:
A plate or other surface to work on.

Bread, any kind its up to you.

Roast Beef, I used the thick cut.

Cheese, once again up to you but I used provolone.

Spicy brown mustard, it is essential.

Step 1: Bread

For this step you will need to put the bread on the plate/surface like shown.

Step 2: Roast Beef

For this step you will need to apply at least two slices of roast beef onto the Bread, I used thick sliced so if you are using thin sliced you will need to use more.

Step 3: Cheese Time

Next you will need to apply the cheese onto the top of the roast beef, overall this step is pretty simple compared to the rest it didn't give me trouble like the mustard did.

Step 4: Spicy Brown Mustard

For this step you need to apply the spicy brown mustard onto the top of the cheese, you will need to squeeze the bottle.

Step 5: Completion

Now you will need to pick up the other slice of bread and put it right on top of the rest of the ingredients, this step is very important so don't forget it.

Step 6: Extra Completion and What Your Final Product Should Look Like.

Now you should have completed your Roast Beef Sandwich but if you want you want you can cut it in half. This makes it easier to eat and more fun. This is also what the final product should look like if you cut the sandwich like I did. I hope this guide helped happy sandwich eating!