Introduction: Roast Duck - Chinese Roast Duck - Crispy Roast Duck - How to Roast a Duck - Duck Roast

Roast Duck - Chinese Roast Duck - Crispy Roast Duck - How To Roast A Duck - Duck Roast -

Roasting a duck is no big deal, but a perfect roast needs some experience. You should have failed at least once in the past while getting acquainted to the new bird and your oven’s ability to cook it. A perfect roast duck is the consequence of not repeating a mistake twice.

Unlike chicken, duck’s skin is quite thick and fat laden. The skin has to be seasoned appropriately to attain a perfect texture. Else it is going to be tough and unpleasantly chewy once roasted. A bad skin will affect the quality of the meat underneath as well. Chewing through a poorly roasted duck is a pain.

Besides working with the skin, you need to pay close attention to the cooking temperature of the oven. For the first few times, be around to monitor the roast or at least until you become the master of your roast. Our roast duck recipe will yield 4 servings, with 1092 kilocalories in each.

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