Roasted Sausages With a Blowtorch

Introduction: Roasted Sausages With a Blowtorch

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Hi everybody! In this instructables I will introduce you a snack recipe extremely simple but delicious and very fast.

No need to be a great chef, ready in 2 minutes and an assured success: what else?

Let's go! And "bon appétit"

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


- sausage (in my case: Knacki®, sausages from Strasbourg, but hot dog sausages are very well)

- A wooden pick


- a blowtorch

Step 2: Prepare the Sausage

To start, we will prepare the sausage.

- Prick the sausage with the wooden pick in its length.

You must have like a lollipop (but sausage taste :) ).

Step 3: Grill the Sausage!

Now we're going to grill the sausage.

- Light your blowtorch

- Hold your sausage by the stick and make there spin on itself.

- Move your blowtorch along the sausage by continuing to make it rotated.

- After 2 min, your sausage should be lightly toasted or roasted.

It's ready!

Step 4: Snack It!

It remains only to taste.

The taste is really delicious.

Bon appetit!

Step 5: Bonus: All Steps and Demonstration in Video!

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