Introduction: Robin's Egg Bird Nest Bed Lounge. -UPDATED 3D MEGA EGG PRINT TEMPLATE

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Have you ever wanted to sleep in a giant bird's nest bed? Now you can! Comfortably fits an adult, if you like to sleep curled up. *UPDATED* New 3D egg version starts at step 24!


Tools needed:

Sewing machine

Sewing pins and safety pins


Disappearing ink fabric marker

Overlock machine/Serger (optional, zigzag stitching may be used)

Electric bread cutting knife

Measuring tape/ruler



4 Firm foam crib mattresses, Length 51.25" Width 27.25" Depth 5". I used crib mattresses from a store display.

One king or queen sized mattress pad. It's not recommended to use one with down filling, as feathers may be sharp.

One brown, king sized sheet. Dye your own sheet brown for a more natural look.

One white sheet or poly-cotton material for making the egg pillows.

One turquoise sheet or poly-cotton material for making the pillow covers.

A very large bag or box of poly-fill.

Brown, turquoise and white threads.

1-3 cans of Heavy Duty Spray Contact Adhesive for foam.

Elastic, either 3/8" wide or 1/2" wide.

Metal snaps, press-on or sew-on.

Black and brown acrylic craft paint.

Step 1: Step 1: Mark and Cut.

Mark and cut your mattresses, as shown in photo.

(Diagram shown, as I forgot to take photos of this step.)

Step 2: Step 2: Cut the Edges of Your Nest

Cut the edges as shown in photo.

(Diagram shown, as I forgot to take photos of this step.)

Step 3: Step 3. Rounding Edges.

Use your electric knife to round your nest edges, as shown in photo.

Step 4: Step 4: Mattress Pad

Place the pad on the nest, as shown in photo.

Step 5: Step 5: Mark the Inner Edges

Mark the inner edge of your nest, as shown in photo.

Step 6: Step 6: Sew the Inner Edge

Sew along your marked/pinned circle on the pad, as shown in photo.

Step 7: Step 7: Finish the Mattress Pad

Finish the mattress pad, as shown in photo.

Step 8: Step 8: Start Your Pillow Forms and Pillow Covers.

Cut out and finish the raw edges of your pillows.

Step 9: Step 9: Make Your White Egg Pillow Forms

Follow directions in photo.

Step 10: Step 10: Start Your Pillow Covers

Make rolled hems on the snap facings and pin onto the front/back of the egg.

Step 11: Step 11: Sew the Pillow Covers and Add Snaps

Sew sides and add the snap closures to the facing and front/back.

Step 12: Step 12: Perfect the Pillow Cover Fit

Correct the fit of your pillow covers.

Step 13: Step 13: Make the Brown Cover Sheet

Place sheet on nest and pin 4 side darts.

Step 14: Step 14: Sew the Darts

Sew and trim the darts.

Step 15: Step 15: Mark the Nest Edge

Pin and mark the bottom edge of the nest.

Step 16: Step 16: Trim and Glue

Trim all around the nest and place a glue dot on the dart seam edge.

Step 17: Step 17: Pin and Sew the Elastic Casing/ Bottom Hem.

Follow steps in photo.

Step 18: Step 18: Hang the Brown Cover Sheet Up and Mix Your Paint.

Follow directions in photo.

Step 19: Step 19: Paint Sticks and Twigs

Paint as many or as few twigs as you like. Have fun with it!

Step 20: Step 20: Insert and Size the Elastic

Follow steps in photo.

Step 21: Step 21: Sew Elastic Together and Finish the Seam

Follow steps in the photo.

Step 22: Step 22: Hang Out in Your New Nest!

Congrats, you're done! If you don't have room to place your nest on the floor, it can be used as a topper on a full size or larger bed.

(Child size clothing mannequin for size reference)

Step 23: UPDATE! 3D Eggs!

I made new 3D Mega egg pillows for it from a diluted-acrylic painted white cotton flat sheet and Poly-fil! 

Added The printable template below. Just tape together, cut 5 panels from fabric, sew together with ½” seam allowance, clip with pinking shears, turn right-side out, poly-fill and ladderstitch opening shut. 

Step 24: Mega Egg PrintableTemplate