Introduction: Roblox's Display Case

My son likes to collect many Roblox figures, and it laying around the house everywhere. So I decided to make a Roblox’s display case to collect all Roblox figures in one place. The display case will be on the wall of the staircase and make it interesting to look at. It can be home improvement as well. The display case is easy to make and look cool. Let’s begin.

The dimension:

The frame: Width 8 X Height 54 X Length 44
centimeters The shelf: Length 42 X Width 7 centimeters

Supplies that you need to do Roblox’s display case project.

1. Old wood or (Any kinds of wood), I used parawood.

2. Wood glue.

3. Air nail gun or nails

Step 1: Cut All the Woods

Cut the parawood in to 2 pieces for the frame and the dimensions are length 44 X width 8 and 2 centimeters for thickness. For other 2 pieces you need to cut at length 54 X width 8 centimeters as the same thickness. All this 4 pieces need to cut at 45 degree angle to make mitered butt joint into a rectangle frame. Before that you need to cut 4 shelves, which dimensions are length 42 X width 7 and 1 centimeters for thickness, and use the sandpaper to make it smooth. Then you need to make a grove by using 10 millimeters bit, from the back end of the frame, cut in to the piece 7 centimeters. So when you put the frame together the slots will be at the back.

Step 2: Assembly the Frame

Now let assembly the frame. First you apply the wood glue to all corners and use the air nail gun or nails that will work fine. Lay the frame down flat and let it dry. Then apply gypsum to fill up the nails holes, let it dry and use the sandpaper to make it smooth. Now you need to place the shelves into the slots, make sure that you attach one at the time. If it too tight, use the rubber hammer to tap a little bit.

Step 3: Spray Clear

Clean the display case with dry cloth. Next you need to spray clear lacquer, maybe 2- 3 times to the piece, to protect the wood from dust and others. After that you need to drill the screws for the 2 hanging brackets at the back, for hang on the wall. Now place the Roblox figures on the shelf. You are done.

Special thanks: Mr. Sakorn

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