Introduction: RoboAlien

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This is an insertable robot alien which I redesigned and adapted for FDM printers. No where particularly to gain the inspiration, just combine the traditional alien figure I thought could make it cooler. There are 24 pieces all fit together. Here I supply several screenshot on every assembling part so that you can get clear which part you're printing.

Step 1: ​The Head, Body, Backbone and Waist Parts.

The head is connected with a head pipe.

Step 2: Chest

And there's a pipe connected between the back and the waist.

Step 3: Waist

The two waist parts won't be too hard to fasten.

Step 4: Hooks

Step 5: Legs

The leg and foot parts, assemble carefully by reference to this pic

Step 6: The Guns

Insert the white connection parts into the shoulder joint (joints between the body and the hands)

Step 7: Finish

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