Introduction: Robo-Pumpkin!

Since we have much love for Halloween, hacking apart toys, giant city-destroying robots, and making things more elaborate than they need be, my friend and I designed this Robo-Pumpkin Smashterpiece...

It's complete with a moving robotic head, buttons to activate sound and lights, and a rotating buzzsaw, as well as mini robo-pumpkin minions and a city and automobiles to rampage!

There's a WB shield because we're interning at Warner Bros, and we did this for the office Halloween party. A bunch of people in the office all helped out to bring it all together!

How it's made:
The head mechanics are from a dancing duck toy (no joke!), and the sound piece was from an Elmo guitar toy. The 'saw' uses a small DC motor I found somewhere. The wires for the motor feed through the arm piece. The surface etching was done with linoblock-cutting tools and traced with a bronze Sharpie paint marker. Basically all of the robo-pumpkin parts are cut out of black foamcore and painted with metallic acrylic paints. The spider-ish legs are assembled with bolts, and slide into slits carved into the pumpkin; this allows them to be repositionable! The arms, head, and front panel are all foamcore pieces too, and they're all removable as well, so we can resurrect our robo-pumpkin next year!

Here's a link to a higher-quality video on Vimeo:
Vimeo video

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Anything robotic for Halloween makes us roll around with excitement! Great job making a pumpkin even scarier for the holiday!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    thats awesome! last halloween i got my head stuck in a pumpkin! i think i have pictures somewhere...