Introduction: Robocoke (Series Circuit, Third-arm + Lead Holder)

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Okay! This is my first instructable. I want to clarify something. I named it ROBOCOKE because it looks like a robot. It's just simple construction of a series circuit. Series Circuit is a closed circuit in which the current flows in one path. In a series circuit, the current through each load is the same and the total voltage across the circuit is the sum of the voltage across each load. MOST of the materials are RECYCLED. So you must be creative :)

Purpose of this project.

1.It is able to represent the pictorial diagram of a series circuit.

2.It is use as lamp especially when there is no current.You must have extra batteries if ever the battery has no charged.

3.The Third-arm holds electronics components especially when we will get the measured value of a resistor. Testing LED.

4.It helps us to solder without touching it. It avoids burns in our skin.

Step 1: Know Your Materials Needed.

Materials needed:

  1. can
  2. switch
  3. 9 volts battery
  4. wires
  5. alligator clip
  6. 2 bulbs and bulb sockets

Tools needed:

  1. scissors
  2. wire cutter
  3. screw driver
  4. Glue gun and glue stick

Step 2: Cut the Can and Make a Hole. Prefer to the Picture.

Step 3: Let's Build the Circuit.

  1. Before I build the circuit. I use an application in my smart phone (every circuit) to test if it's working.
  2. Cut a wire (note: Its necessary to cut it shorter to fit in the can)
  3. Attach the wire to the both ends of each bulb sockets.
  4. Cut a wire (note: Its better to cut it longer than the first wire)
  5. Attach the another one to the battery and the another to switch.
  6. Then lastly closed circuit.

Step 4: Fit the Circuit in the Can.

Step 5: for the Third-arm.

  • Cut 2 wires (3 inches) then connect it to the alligator clip and fit in to the can.

Step 6: Be Creative. Design It. Make an Effort.

For me, most of this materials are recycled. Especially the switch. I get it on our old lamp that doesn't work at all. The two bulbs are serve as eyes of my project. The two alligator clip connected with wires are serve as hands.


This is just a plus. Use recycled ballpen or any pen, remove the excess ink then insert the lead.ENOY!

The two bulbs serves as the eyes of the robot and the two alligator clip serves as the arm. =) Free for any suggestion. Follow and share! God bless.