Introduction: Robohoodie Instructables Robot Hoodie

So, what is the latest in hacked T-shirt haute couture? An Instructables Robot Hoodie of course... Straight from the fashion runways of I-don't-know-where is this versatile and unique pret-a-porter garment.

A late entry into the contest but I had this material lying around for a future Instructable when inspiration was found browsing through some of the Threadbanger and related "threads".

Besides the handwarmer kangaroo main pocket, notice that the Robot head doubles as a compartment to put your IPod and the hand is another pocket to place other geek essentials.

Oh, yeah, the model just happened to be wearing a red striped shirt. At first glance it might seem this was some hacked uniform of somebody from a burger joint. It is not.

Shake, shake, shake, shake your Robohoodie...

Step 1: Get It Together...

I do not have paper patterns for this Robot. I just lay out pieces of material and cut to fit according to what looks right. Measure once, Cut twice, Edward Scissorhands style! The only tape measure I have is for heavy construction. More advanced sewers can use fusing tape, pins, steam irons, rolling cutters, etc.

I did my stuff with a sewing machine that has zig-zag stretch stitch capabilities. It can do something that looks like the embroidery runs on a real regular patch. I guess you could do all of this stuff with a needle and thread if you had the time and patience. For all you dudes out there, sewing is an essential basic bachelor skill. Real men are not afraid of it. "Learn it. Do it. You can't take your drama to your momma," says the Drill Sergeant.

Start out with the T-shirt that will be used as the base for the project. We will construct an Instructables Robot kangaroo pocket and hood to attach to the T-shirt. You will need material with the right colors. I had some yellow polarfleece and various bits of felt to make the trimmings. The most time-consuming part of this project was changing out the bobbins and thread for the correct color.

Layout the fleece body and cut it to roughly the size to match the shirt placement. Note that all pieces will be hemmed somewhat to create a finished look and to strengthen the edges.

Cut out pieces for the robot head and arm/hand. This is like doing a kindergarten art project with construction paper.

Applique all of the parts of the robot. This means sewing around all of the parts with a straight stitch or something fancier. I guess fabric glue or fusing tape might be easier to use for first-timers. Hem up all of the edges of each of the pieces. This makes it easier to sew on the shirt as it stiffens the edge somewhat.

I used a wide satin zigzag stitch to "embroider" my black lines to draw the monobrow, mouth, sleeve trim, and robot slot. You can also just use a permanent marker to draw it on.

Sew on the bottom of the main robot body. Do this so you can fold it up and the bottom seam is on the inside. Sew up about a third on each side to form the bottom of the pocket.

Lay out where the arm/hand and robot head will be. You can pin this in place. Sew only three sides of the arm/hand to form a pencil pocket. Sew only three sides of the robot head to form your IPod pocket. Sewing on the robot head will also lock in the top part of the kangaroo pocket. Bar tack at the ends to reinforce the pocket.

Step 2: Make Your Hoodie...

Using a sweater-hoodie as a template. Cut a piece of material that is the same width and tall enough to wrap over the real hoodie. Cut the pieces as shown in the picture to create that block-head style.

Applique the trim pieces for the ears, eyes, antennae, and monobrow.

Sew on the inside to close the seam between the top of the hood and the sides. Finish all of the exposed edges. A serging machine would have come in handy for this. Advanced sewers can sew in a "tube" so that they can thread a drawstring if desired.

Attach the robot hoodie to the T-shirt by getting it centered on the seam of the neckband. Attach with a stretch stitch and finish with a bar tack on the ends.

Voila, there you have it. A real Robot hoodie.

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