Introduction: Robot Attiny2313 Bluetooth Controlled Via Smartphone (android) - Not Arduino!!!

Here I wanted to present a draft of the vehicle robot. The heart of the robot viis the microcontroller ATtiny2313. Drive the robot are the 2 stepper motors. The inspiration for the construction of my robot were other projects. In most cases, these are projects based on the Arduino and servo-motors. In my case I did not use the Arduino platform.

Software for my Attiny prepared in C. As previously mentioned, I used instead of servo motors stepper motors. It's powerful precision robot control. Stepper motors work here independent what allows twisting right and left. However, the disadvantage of using stepper motor is the low rotational speed which translates into a speed of the robot. As you can see in the video, my robot is not too fast ;-) Additional stepper motors which I used have a internal gears. However, as regards the precision of control I'm very pleased. The front wheel is borrowed from Lego of my son.

The system robot was made on the PCB. The contour of the plate, I cut on my machine cnc homemade (DIY). For power, you can use batteries or external power supply. Therefore. that the robot should be wireless I used rechargeable battery which are placed in the lower platform of the robot.
To communicate with a robot used the HC06 module bloototh and Smartphone with android. In my case, I took the universal application to send characters via Bluetooth (I used app : Bluetooth SPP Pro).

As previously heart robot is the microcontroller ATtiny2313. The purpose of the system is to execute commands from your android phone or tablet. Each sign posted in the ASCII code is translated into the appropriate amount of microstepping impulse. If the robot is to go straight on both wheels must turn in the same direction in the case of turning the wheel must turn in the opposite direction. To this end, the program has been created 4 functions engine control

1. LL - first motor left and second left motor

2. LR - first motor and second motor left right

3. RR - first motor right and second right motor

4. RL - first bike right and left second motor

The source code in C interested I can send e-mail.

Here are the photos and cutscene of the construction work.

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