Introduction: Robot Black Line Follower

This is a project that was made with some colleagues from the university and we thought it was a very homelike and accessible project.

Step 1: Materials

  • 1 crazy wheel
  • 2 traction wheels
  • 2 reducing motors
  • 1 acrylic
  • 2 double battery holders
  • 2 680 ohm resistors (2 k and 2.2 k)
  • 2 transistors (BC557 and BC547)
  • 4 batteries Cables and screws
  • 1 control card
  • 1 black ribbon
  • 1 switch on and off
  • 1 optical sensor

Step 2: Cut

1.Cut the acrylic mosaic in such a way that you can leave a space to fit the rim, in addition to making small holes so that we can introduce screws for the idler, carry batteries and also pass the cables for the operation of the rim.

Step 3: Place

Place the wheels on the gears of the reduction motors and stick them under the mosaic acrylic in such a way that when we connect the cables to the motors it can advance normally.

Step 4: Screw

Insert the screws in the holes to hold the battery holder and also the idler.

Step 5: Control Card

Put the 1 control card on top of the acrylic and in each of them we place the 680 ohm resistors and the transistors (BC557 and BC547).

Step 6: Cabling

With the help of a soldering iron, solder the cables, which go from the control cards to the acrylic holes, taking them to the reduction motors, unipolar switch and the optical sensor (CNY70).

Step 7: Battery Holder

At the end it is placed the energy sources that would come to be our 4 batteries and with the switch. To finish, we would have to turn it on for its operation taking into account a black ribbon in the direction we wanted for its displacement.