Introduction: Robot Bumpers

This is a design I made for a robot to detect when it collides with a surface. The Basic Stamp code is still in progress

Step 1: Gather Materials

For Materials you will need:



Metal Foil

Hot Glue Gun with glue


Step 2: Cardboard

Get the cardboard and cut 6 pieces, 2 long pieces, 2 shorter pieces, and 2 pieces half the size of the shorter pieces. These 2 half size pieces will be glued to the back of the short pieces in order to elevate the bumpers allowing them to be further than the front of the wheels. Your method of attaching the bumpers like tape, glue, or velcro will be put on top of the half sized pieces.

Step 3: Cardboard "Springs"

In this step you will cut a piece of cardboard and split that piece into 2 thin pieces, then fold it and glue each one onto either side of the piece

Step 4: Metal Foil

Cut a square piece of metal foil the same size of the piece and glue it on the corners. Put glue on one of the thin strips' ends and attach it to the larger piece. Cut a second square and glue two of the corners over the end of the strip that's attached, now put glue on the other strip and glue it onto the piece then fold the foil over and glue it on. (If confused check pictures attached, its difficult to explain)

Step 5: Wires

Strip the ends of 2 wires and put one end of one wire into one piece of foil, then do the same for the other piece of foil.

Step 6: Repeat 2 - 5

Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the other bumper, by the time it's complete you should have two separate identical bumpers. Flip one of the two upisde down to have the extended pieces reach in either direction, this should be done before attaching the wires behind the foil