Introduction: Robot Challenge

This is known as the Happy Note Paper Robot!
Use it to hold your everyday happy notes that you want to keep record of!
Just simply write any notes down and keep it in this robot.


1 sheet of paper
1 pair of scissors
1 pencil
1 adhesive tape

Step 1: Draw Out Your Template

First you need your template!

In the picture you will see a template for the robot’s body, face, legs and arms.

The lines represent where you need to cut using your scissors.
But don’t cut the dotted lines! Those dotted lines are for folding!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Cube

After cutting out your cube fold on the dotted lines.
Those folds will help you create the cube shade for your robot’s body.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Face, Legs and Arms

Now you can cut out the face, legs and arms of your robot!
For the face you can draw any type of expression you want your robot to have.
For the legs you will make each rectangle into four tubes.

Step 4: Tape on the Face

Now tape your face on the top of your robot!
Here you can draw anything you want.
Decorate your robot however you like.
I decided to keep mine simple and just add some orange lines.

Step 5: Tape the Cube Together

Now you added the face it’s time to tape the cube together!
You start by folding the dotted lines together and taping the sides onto the small flaps.
Leave the top open because that’s the lid of your robot!

Step 6: Tape on the Legs

Now the body is complete you can tape on the legs!
Turn your robot upside down and take the four mini tubes from earlier.
Put four pieces of tape on the bottom and put one leg on each!

Step 7: Tape on the Arms

Now that your robot has legs let’s give it arms!
On the side of your robot you will tape on the long strips of paper.
Do that for both sides and now your robot has arms!

Step 8: Stand and Use

Now your robot is complete!
Let it stand and you can say hello to your Happy Note Robot!
You can keep this robot anywhere to help you hold your happy notes but I just keep it by my desk.