Introduction: Robot Mini Sumo

Initially, you must have all the necessary materials to begin assembling the sumo robot.

For this you must have the following devices:

1 PIC 16F877A

2 Quartz crystal 4Mhz

4 Capacitors 22pF

2 Digital QTR-1RC Line Sensor

1 Bluetooth mode HC-05

1 Ultrasound sensor HC-SR

2 LED 3mm

2 Motors 6V 0.5kg

1 Bridge H TB6612

1 Regulator 7805

1 Capacitor 1uF

1 Capacitor 0.1uF (104)

1 DC-DC voltage booster

2 Lithium 3.7V 3000mAh Batteries

2 Battery holder for lithium battery

Dual charger for lithium battery

3 Blue terminals 3.5mm 2 positions

2 header pins connectors

2 Header H-H TYPE 1 connectors

2 Header H-H TYPE 1 connectors

3 push buttons 2 pins

3 Resistors 10Kohm

2 150ohm resistors

2 networks (own choice)


Step 1: Weld

The first Step start with the PCB, because it's our command center, for this we need do the next:

You must solder the points of someone called "through the hole" and solder the devices in the correct place; Once you have finished welding, you should verify that all points have continuity in the right place, this part is very important because if any point has continuity in an incorrect place or has no continuity, this can cause a malfunction or damage some dispositives.

Step 2: Assembling the Chasis

Then, you must begin to assemble the chassis, all the pieces must be very well cut, since this guarantees that the pieces fit together without any problem and with pressure. All of the above is only the physical part.

Step 3: The Code

Now everything depends on how you want to program, but in this project there is a code so that it can be guided.

Now, a brief explanation on how the code operation is.

The code is very simple, because each intstruccion is separated as a function, so at the moment of creating the base code it is only to call the function as needed.

An other thing that you need is an application in your cellphone for can controller de sumo by bluethoot, this application, you can create in a page web for MIT.


Step 4: For Finish

This step is the last because the only thing missing is organize correctly the devices, PCB, motors, sensors, and wheels, and all this thigns depend about your strategy for win with your mini robot sumo.

The images in the step, is an exmple about how we assemble and organize our robot.

Step 5: Controll

How all robot need a controll and this is fundamental but you can create a application for your cellphone, this application can create in the web by MIT or in youtube you can find many video tutorials when you can learn how do an application. In this case, we create an application in the web by MIT, in this step we show the interfaz of our application