Introduction: Robot Monka 6x4 Chassis

About: I study Technical university Liberec

3D parts for download:

nuts: M3,M4,M5 normal and self-locking


bolts: M3x10mm, M3x16mm, M3x25mm,M4x16mm, M4x27mm, M5x20mm.

other parts:

4x TT motor, 6x whell, Servo S3003, 2x 625 bearing, small spring.

Step 1: Prepare the Rear Axle Mounting Bolts As Shown


2x frame01

4x M5x20mm, normal nut

4x M4x27, normal nut

Step 2: Frame Connection


2x frame02

2x frame03

4x frame04

2x frame05

1x frame06

1x frame07

1x frame08

1x frame09

28x M4x16mm, normal nut.

Step 3: Install the Servo


1x front_axle08

8x M3x10mm, normal nut

Step 4: The Front Axle Suspension Assembly As Shown


2x front_axle05

4x front_axle06

4x front_axle07

12x M4x16mm, normal nut

4x M5x20mm, self-locking nut, 2x washer

Step 5: Compression of Bearings and Wheels

Into the front_axle07 press 625 bearing. The wheel is pressed with the front_axle09 through the bearing. Do it twice.

Step 6: Fire the Wire As Shown

fire the wire as shown, to control the front axle using the sevo motor.

Step 7: Complete the Front Axle


1x front_axle01

2x front_axle02

1x front_axle04

4x M4x16mm normal nut,

3x M3x10mm, normal nut.

Step 8: Assemblies 4x Rear Shock-absorber


4x rear_suspension01

4x rear_suspension02

4x small spring (I used one half of the spring from the old pen)

Step 9: Chassis Completion


2x rear_axle

2x rear_axle_mir

4x shock absorber

4xM5 self-locking nut,

4xM4 normal nut

Step 10: Congratulations, It's Done

I am now working on the superstructures for this chassis.

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