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Are you a recent graduate? Are you a student looking for a summer side hustle? Do you, I don't know, just want a job? Well look no further, this robot helps you get one!!

The Resume Robot is a convenient robotic distribution aid that allows you to gain gainful employment. With the Resume Robot, all you have to do is put your resumes on the robot’s platform, and it does all the distribution for you! Using its wheeled base and robotic arm, this robot can travel on its own and hand out more resumes then you EVER could!

But wait! There's MORE!

Are you having trouble writing your resume? Do you wish your current resume had a little more spice? With the bonus, Resume Generator, all you have to do is enter your age range and your dream job, and a resume will be randomly generated for you!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Tech Materials:

  1. 4 x Continuous Rotation Servos
  2. 2 x Standard Servos
  3. 1 x Micro Servo
  4. Raspberry Pi
  5. Portable Raspberry Pi Battery
  6. 3 x 9V Battery caps
  7. Solderless Breadboard

Building Materials:

  1. Double Sided Tape
  2. Machine Screws
  3. Wire
  4. Electrical Tape
  5. Laser-cut Acrylic Parts
  6. 4 x 2” Pieces of Extrusion (Open Beam)

Dowel Rods:

  1. 4 x 36” Dowel Rods (¾” diameter)
  2. 1 x 9.5” Dowel Rod (½” diameter)
  3. 1 x 14” Dowel Rod (½” diameter)
  4. 1 x 3” Dowel Rod (½” diameter)


  1. Resumes
  2. Plastic Wheels (to attach to your continuous rotation servos)
  3. 3 x 9V batteries
  4. Cable Ties

Step 2: Assemble the Base Structure

In this step, you will be assembling the robot’s wheeled base.

  • Take the acrylic piece labeled “motor base,” and attach the pieces of 2-inch extrusion to the corresponding holes in the corners of the acrylic. These pieces of extrusion will act as connection points for the continuous rotation servos.
  • Next, attach the continuous rotation motors to the acrylic pieces labeled, ‘motor holder.’ You will notice three holes along the tops of these motor holder pieces. Use these holes to connect the motor holders to each of the extrusion pieces.
  • Attach the wheels to the continuous rotation servos.
  • Now that you have the robot's base assembled, take the four 36” dowel rods and drill a hole in each end.
  • Next, attach the dowel rods to the remaining four holes in the motor base.
  • Finally, take the acrylic piece labeled “Resume Platform” and attached it to the four dowel rods using the corresponding holes in the acrylic.

Step 3: Assemble the Robot Arm

In this step, you will be building the robotic arm that sits on top of the resume platform and hands recruiters your resume.

  • Take the two standard servos and secure them to the acrylic pieces labeled “Robot Arm Motor Holder” using machine screws.
  • Attach one of the "Robot Arm Motor Holder"s to the resume platform using the corresponding holes in the resume platform.
  • Attach your micro servo to the piece labeled “Micro Servo Motor Holder.”
  • Drill 3 holes at the end of the 9.5” dowel rod to attach to your servo horn. This servo horn will be connected to the standard servo you just secured to the resume platform.
  • Once you've attached the dowel to the servo, mark three dots on the other end of the 9.5” dowel rod. Here you will attach the second standard servo to act as the “elbow” of the arm. NOTE: Make sure your servo is positioned facing forward and NOT facing upward.
  • Drill 3 holes in the 14” dowel rod and attach a standard servo horn to this. This servo horn should be secured to the “elbow” servo you just attached in the previous step.
  • At the other end of the 14” dowel, drill an additional three holes corresponding to the holes on your “Micro Servo Motor Holder.” These holes can be drilled facing the same direction as the holes you drilled in the previous step.
  • Attach the “Micro Servo Motor Holder” to the 14” dowel rod using machine screws.
  • Next, attach your 3” dowel rod to the micro servo’s horn. This servo will act as a “wrist” to pick up the resume.
  • Finally, place a square of double-sided tape to the end of the 3” dowel rod. This tape will “grab” each resume and hold it in place for a recruiter to take.

Step 4: Attach Your Raspberry Pi and Wire Everything

In this step, you will be attaching your Raspberry Pi and wiring your motors.

  • All of the wiring and connections will be housed on top of the wheeled base.
  • Using double-sided tape, secure the Raspberry Pi, 9-volt batteries, Raspberry Pi portable power source, and solderless breadboard to the top of the wheeled acrylic base.
  • Wire everything according to the Fritzing diagram.

  • For the Raspberry Pi pins, refer to the attached list of pin numbers.

  • NOTE: be mindful of wiring the motors from the arm as longer wires can get tangled.

Step 5: Generate Your Resume

Do you need a new resume? Is your old resume just not doing it for you? In this step, you can generate a new one!

Download the file “Resume Generator” and follow the user-friendly instructions to generate a new spicy one!

Step 6: Turn It On!

Once you upload the code "Resume" to your Raspberry Pi, all you have to do is point your robot in the right direction, and turn it on!

Your robot will approach a recruiter and hand them your resume. Never again will you have to worry about distributing another resume! Have fun being rich! I heard it's nice.

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