Introduction: Robot

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to create a simple robot, based on styrofoam structures and a battery-powered motor.


The supplies you are going to need are as follows:
Battery pack
Motor (with one slot for battery’s, and at least 2 channels)
2 wheels with screws
2 wheel motors (something you can hook up to the motor)
a large, flat styrofoam block that you can cut many Styrofoam pieces out of.

Step 1: Body and Design

The body of our robot starts with the foundation. We cut out a big enough piece of styrofoam in order to fit the motors and battery pack on. We then began glueing the walls around the foundation. We ended up putting walls all around except for the front, where we put a slanted wall for combat.

Step 2: Electronics

For the electronics section, we placed our motors and battery in after we place our walls. we connected the two motors that control the wheels to channel 1 and 2 of the brain, and connected our battery pack to the bat channel. Our controller was already set up before, so when we connected all the motors to the brain, we could move our robot using it.

Step 3: Wheel Mounting

To mount the wheels, we had to first put the rubber outer part on the pieces that connected to the motors. After we attached those two together, we connected them to the motors, and then to ensure they wouldn’t fall off, we used a screw.

Step 4: Remote Controller

The remote controller was hooked up to our brain so that the first joystick was connected to channel 1 and channel 2, and the second joystick was connected to channel 3. So we put the wires from the motors into channel 1 and 2.

Step 5: Drive