Introduction: Robotic Hand

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well this hand can work like human hand but it is really hard to operate.
so be careful in making it as a minor mistake may effect its efficiency.
let's get started

Step 1: Material

syringe -
2 mm x 8
3.5 mm x 10
5 mm x 10
7.5 mm x 2
1 ball bearing
plastic hollow cube box or iron box or any other base
silver hard wire
soft wires
hollow plastic tube or empty pen refills

Step 2: Making the Palm

to make it use the hard silver wire to shape it in shape of human palm (हथेली).
then add balls made from newspaper to shape it.
use soft wire to fix it and then cover with tape.
make a wire loop big enough to pass the refill and now paste it at the place of fingers.
flat the base and then fic a screw at the center.

Step 3: Finger

the finger is made at 3 pieces to make the finger bend. now male it out of cardboard and fill in newspaper to make it strong.
make 2 holes opposite to each other .
see the image and make all parts of finger.

Step 4: Syringe

the main point of working is by syringe.
fix 2 syringe of same size using tube used in the hospital for drips.
fill-in water and make sure no bubbles are there
if you don't know how to make one then this project is not fit for you.
but one who really want to make it will search it out.
1. you can use colours to male a difference among the syringes.

Step 5: Fixing the Syringe

the syringe is fixed at the top by making a hole in the piston and passing the wire. refer images.
fix all of them as written on image and paper coat all the hand.
colour it and try to make it work.