Introduction: Robotic Hand

Hello guys today i am going to show you how to make a robotic hand.

We will discuss the details later.

Let's continue

Step 1: What Do You Need

You can download all files from:

The following items:

- Knife

- Braided fishing rope

- Braided rubber rope

- 5x MG946R Servo

-2x 3.7V Battery

-1x Battery Holder

-1x 9V Battery

-1x 9V Battery holder

-Jumper Wires

-3x Bolt ( 8mm diameter)

- 3x screw(8mm)

- Super glue

- Scissors


-14x 2mm bolts and screws

- Sandpaper 280

- 3D printer

- 3D PLA filament

- Arduino(UNO)

- Shield for the servo's

-Electronic Drill


-I/O Expansion Shield

V05 or other expansion shield


Step 2: The First Steps for Making the Hand

First thing what you need to do is sand every part until every part is very smooth, after this you will bring the rope through the upper finger hole through each piece, using the braided fishing wire for the front holes and the rear for the braided rubber wire(see picture 1,2).

When you have done this with each finger piece you connect the finger particles by means of the screws and bolts(see picture1 and 2)

Now stop the pieces together (ATTENTION DO NOT GLUE YET )to see if the finger can move well back and forth by pulling on the fishing line (and the rubber rope to check if the finger goes back to place).

After all of this you have to glue both sides of each piece (as you can see from photo 3.4) and then press the pieces together for 5-10min unless you use 3secondsglue.

Step 3: Second Step of the Hand

When you have glued all fingers you can glue the fingers on the palm (picture 1) but first the ropes through the palm can do this with the help of a needle. The ropes should come out at the back (picture 2). After this you put the pinky finger and the ring finger in your hand and fix it with the (8mm and 80mm in length) screw,you also need to fix the thumb with an 8 mm screw, but this one has a length of 50mm. Now all fingers are on the palm of the hand(picture 3).

And now use the last 8mm screw to connect the palm of the hand with the wrist of the arm and connect the rubber rope to the 8 mm screw, pull it around once and then you put a knot in it (Warning knot tightly).

Step 4: Step 1 of the Arm

The next step is gluing the lower parts of the forearm (of course you must first have sanded these properly). Start with the wrist , hand and after that the two pieces of forearm .Push the forearm parts after the gluing well together for 5-10 minutes.

Besides this you have to bring the fishing rope through the wrist, if this is goes successful it is time to put the servo motors inplace, you do this with the screws you get with the servo motors (see picture 1).

Step 5: Step 2 of the Arm

When you have glued and screwed everything together,you can start by attaching the rope to the servo motors look at the pictures how it should be done, you can organize which engine controls which finger, I have chosen that the pinky and the ringer finger are controlled by the two servos in the front and the rest on order.

Now you have to tighten the rope and pull it to the other side of the carousel and make a knot.

For the servos in the back side of the arm you have to glue the part you see between the two servos in the second picture, this is to split the rope and to make it easy for the servo's to turn.

After this you are set to put the wires of the servos in the arduino shield (see picture 3). Now you can also directly connect the batteries to the arduino ( picture 4).

Place the battery case under the arduino and now you are set.

Step 6: Codes for the Arduino

Write :


Handmover_PWMServoDriver pwm = Handmover_PWMServoDriver ();

The rest you can find in the picture.

(You can always use your own code or find it on youtube)

And if something doesn't work use second picture.