Introduction: Robotstand Generation

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Our group generated a functional paper

robot inspired from the art of folding paper, also known as origami.

From there, we designed, set-up a prototype, and generated phase 1 of our paper robot.

Materials used: printing paper, a piece of tape, a pair of scissors, and Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1:

Start with a square piece of paper.

Fold paper in half.

Fold paper in half again.

Step 2:

The paper will be divided in four.

Fold the first and last section

“Doggie ear” one section by pulling
on one corner.

Now “doggie ear” the other corner.

Turn the paper by 90 degrees. (1)
Pinch the two corner ends, and (2) fold the ends so that it spirals. Place a piece of tape to hold the spiral/fold in place.

Fold a portion of the robot’s body

hold the phone in place