Robug Eco Model-1 NO.2

Introduction: Robug Eco Model-1 NO.2

read to basics of Robugs here.

the worst thing when your young is buy a toy then the batteries run out so the eco-bug with its solar panel defeats that problem.  

the Eco bug is just like the first Bug apart from the eco bug has a solar panel on the back of it making it eco friendly like a real 
meaning Robugs are even more like a real bug now.

The eco-bug was hard to make the main problem being that when its not sunny and the solar panel is not generating the power from the batteries will back fire  and fry the solar panel.

so to stop this we would a diode but we had none of the right size so instead we put a Led in light emitting diode which lights up when its charging from the solar panel.

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    2 more Robugs will be posted (3.2 and 3Ic) But after that no new Robugs Will be made or designed Robugs will be closing up shop on 21st October 2013 6 months after the first was made. But don't worry the Replacement will be here soon
    The new robots will be named up as WMR GB (WELL-MADE-ROBOT-GREAT-BRITAIN)