Rock Candy - Regular and Large Crystals! (Sugar Crystals)




Introduction: Rock Candy - Regular and Large Crystals! (Sugar Crystals)

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In this tutorial both "regular" and large rock candy/crystals are covered! The difference in making is rather small. :)

Step 1: Watch This First

This is a instruction video I made for this project. :)

Step 2: 1: Tools & Ingredients

You'll need:

  • White Sugar (3 Parts)
  • Water (1 Part)
  • Food Coloring
  • "Something For the taste"
  • Measuring Cup
  • Heat Source
  • Saucepan
  • Scissors
  • (Knife)
  • Grill Sticks
  • Cardboard
  • Thermos (For large crystals)
  • or Containers (paper mug...) (For regular crystals)

Step 3: Mix, Heat, Pour, Mix

Start of by mixing 1 part of water and 3 parts of sugar in a saucepan. Start your heat source and stir until you reach a full boil. Check if there is any sugar still left to dissolve. If not, remove the saucepan from your heat source.

Pour your sugar solution into as many cups needed. one for each color/flavor. In regular paper mugs you may be able to make 2 lollipops at once.

Mix in food coloring and the flavor. Mix well so everything is blended. Use a new spoon/grill stick for each container while mixing. To make sure you do not mix any color or flavor.

Step 4: Break, Dip, Cut

Break of good sized piece of a grill stick. Tip. break of a peace so the pointy end is not used to the lollipop. :) Make sure you have both a good size for a handle and for the lollipop to grow on.

(Regular crystals) Dip one end of your piece of grill stick in water, then dip it in sugar. This is where the crystals can continue grow on. If you have the time, let it dry over night to ensure that the sugar sticks to the grill stick. But if your in a hurry it will work good enough directly as well.

Cut of a piece of cardboard. Longer then the diameter of the containers opening! Use one pointy ends of a grill stick to make a small hole in the cardboard. Then take your sugar coated grill stick and press it true the hole. The cardboard is going to hold your lollipop while the crystal is growing.

Place your sugar coated grill stick in the sugar solution. Try to center it and make sure it is not touching neither bottom or the sides of the container. It need space to grow!

(Large Crystals) If you want to grow large crystals you need a thermos to trap the heat from the sugar solution after its made. Time is everything! Take a grill stick and use your knife/scissor to create small marks. This is where the crystals can hang on to and grow. Then use a piece of cardboard/cloth hangers to place hang the grill stick centered in the thermos. Place the lid on and let is stand still and unopened(!).

Step 5: Dry and Your Done!

After your happy with the size of your rock candy, pull them out and let them dry on a plate.

The blue lollipop have bin in for 4 days, the regular yellow for 6 days. The large yellow crystals for 5 days. :)

Happy crafting/cooking! :)

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    Question 2 years ago

    I know this is a couple years old, but would it be the same procedure to make large crystals for a geode cake (ie: chipping off crystals from the sticks)? Or what would I do to make those?

    The cloud 1808
    The cloud 1808

    6 years ago

    Lol put the mixture in a blow and let it dry funny results


    7 years ago

    Everytime i put the stick into the mixture,the sugar drops from the stick.How long do i wait for the sugar to dry on the stick?


    7 years ago

    I was wonder if it was better to put them in the heat rather than the cold, also thanks for the awesome tutorial!


    7 years ago

    Wow cool im gunna try it thanks!!!!

    Ooo so pretty! I love the variety in the crystal sizes and how the light reflects differently off of them. Thanks for sharing!