Rock Paper Scissors

Introduction: Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a very popular game among kids and so is Let's build a quick game in five min using App-lab in


1. Main Screen Photo - Select from Google

2. Account in

3. Access to APP LAB

4. Individual Photo of Rock- Paper Scissors

Step 1: Design

Go to App-lab and start a new project

1. Create the main Screen as shown in the picture.

I have selected the picture from google. You can pick your own

2. Setup your Screen one and screen -2

I am skipping here the simple procedure of how to design a beautiful screen. please follow our You-Tube Videos for step by step understanding - Video

Also, I am sharing the complete project for quick access( click here)

The Git HUB - Link

Step 2: Code

There are three conditions

1. You Choose Rock

2. You Choose paper

3. You Choose Scissors for all three conditions, you need to write the code. I have provided the link to the project as well as a screenshot of the code. As it is block-based code can not

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