Introduction: Rock Sling

In this instructable, i will show how to make a sling. making a sling is easy, fun, and one of these bad boys can outclass any slingshot. Slings were first used thousands of years ago for hunting and as weapons. They were used in war up to the1700s in the British military weapon that the Calvary men used for long range hits. A sling was used by small man David to take down the giant Goliath in the bible. This shows two things about a sling: 1) it's a low status weapon and 2) in the hands of an expert it can be devastatingly effective.

Step 1: Materials

For this instruct able you need about 12 ft of para cord A lighter (optional) And a pair of scissors or a knife

Step 2: Starting the Sling

Take one loose end and measure out about three feet. Tie a knot there to mark it. Next make a loop (refer to picture). This part is kinda hard to explain. You have to take the side with the knot and fold it over the other string, and the pull it back over, making another loop. Grab the rabbit ears and pull them out evenly so the knot is next to the top loop.

Step 3: Weaving

Now pull the unknotted string under the first string of the top loop, and then over the next one, then under, over.then pull it through the bottom one and repeat. Each time you finish one part make sure to slide it to the end and tighten it. Keep doing this until you reach the end

Step 4: Tying It Off

Now take both loose ends and pull on them as hard as you can to from a pouch. Press your thumb into the middle as your tightening. Then go to the middle of the edge and tie a knot with the loose ends through the rabbit ears. (You might have to pull on them a little to get them to stick out)

Step 5: Finishing Up

Trim any extra cord off the ends, and go ahead and melt the ends with a lighter ( make sure not to touch the wax!!) now make a slip knot on one end, and a granny knot on the other.

Step 6: Using

Making a sling is pretty easy, but using one is more difficult. For ammo, you want to use something small and heavy, like a shooter marble or a small round rock. You can also make your own out of clay. Once you've inserted your ammo in the pouch, you put your index finger (any finger really, I just prefer that one) and then pinch the other end between your thumb and index. Next you sling. Teaching someone to sling would be difficult to do with writing, so has lots of great techniques.

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